Victoria, Nikki, and Victor reflect on Katherine's death at the ranch. Nikki says she went out on her own terms. Nikki talks about making a list of the places she wants to see. Victor agrees. Nikki leaves. Vikki and Victor discuss Summer. Victor decrees that under no circumstances will Jackass Abbott be a father to his granddaughter. Victoria says he can't stop her from having a relationship with Jack. Victor says he got Billy out of the family and he'll do the same with his brother. Victoria informs him she and Billy are back together. Victor asks what's the matter with her? They argue heatedly. Vikki leaps up and says, "There's nothing you can do about it." Victor growls, "You watch me!"

At Crimson Lights, Summer sees Noah practicing photography. Noah asks about Phyllis, and mentions he's been worried about his mom too. Summer asks him for advice about how to get out of being Avery's maid of honor. They joke about her aunt marrying the man she used to think was her father. Noah mentions taking photos at the gala. Summer's glad something good happened that night.

Tyler approaches Devon at the Club about returning to Jabot. Devon snaps at him that his grandmother just died. Tyler is sorry and asks him to pass along his condolences to Lily. Devon says Katherine Chancellor wasn't Lily's grandmother. Devon feels he doesn't deserve anyone's sympathy because he acted like a jerk when Katherine first reached out to him. Tyler reassures him. They get a drink. Tyler says he'll come back to Jabot as long as he can choose his photographer - Noah Newman. They look at Noah's gala photos. Tyler asks if they have a deal.

Chelsea and Dylan bring Connor home. Dylan has everything ready and has read about baby care and safety. They discuss things they may not know about each other. Chelsea insists he knows everything about her. Dylan vows to do his best to be a good dad. Chelsea calls him a hero, but he says he's not. Dylan changes a diaper and stops Connor's crying. Chelsea steps away and returns to hear Dylan telling Connor he'll grow up to be a better man than him. Chelsea assures Dylan he's great. Later, they look at Dylan's baby pictures. Dylan doesn't think Connor looks like him. Chelsea quickly says that's not unusual. Dylan steps away and Chelsea gets a call from Adam wanting to meet.

At the Abbott house, Jack reads Katherine's obituary to Billy and Abby. Jack talks about making Katherine and Dad proud by making Jabot the best and passing it down to their children. Billy says he and Victoria are getting back together. Abby and Jack are happy. Jack mentions Summer. Billy leaves. Abby and Jack talk about times they upset Katherine. Jack says she was always there for him. Jack calls Katherine a sly old fox and wonders who will look out for them now. Later, Nikki arrives. She and Jack talk about wishing they'd had more time with Katherine. Jack doesn't want to lose more time with Summer. Nikki says Victor won't fight him anymore. Jack is skeptical. He asks how Nikki's doing. They talk about Jack knowing things about her that even Victor doesn't know.

Victoria embraces Billy at home. She warns Victor is putting all his energy into breaking them up. Billy says Victor needs a new hobby, like skydiving without a parachute. Billy says he'll build the bookshelf so she realizes taking him back was the right thing. She already knows. They talk about Victor not being changed by Katherine's death, and decide to try baby-making.

Back at the ranch, Nikki argues with Victor about Billy and Victoria, and Jack and Summer. He has no intention of letting the Abbotts into his family. Nikki's visit to Jack causes more arguing. Nikki hollers at Victor to let his feelings about Katherine out. She cries.

At Crimson Lights, Devon tells Summer he thinks Phyllis would want her to come back to work. Summer wishes she could ask her advice. Devon suggests she talk to someone else. Jack overhears Summer say things are weird with her dad. He approaches and offers to talk, but then realizes she didn't mean him. Summer admits she still thinks of Nick as her dad. Jack tells her he loves her and will step back if she needs.

Abby, Noah, and Tyler are at the Club. Noah learns he has the job at Jabot. Abby teases Tyler about technically being his boss.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Avery teases Nick, "What, have you got another woman stashed away?" He says, "Actually, Sharon is right upstairs."

Lily asks Cane why he smells like 'Ashley', the Jabot perfume. He replies, "It was Hilary." Lily asks, "What?"

Chelsea, holding Connor, opens the door and is surprised to see Adam standing there.

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