At the tackhouse, Nick and Avery discuss getting married soon. She doesn't want regrets like Jack had with Phyllis. Nick says he'll marry her right now. She says they need his family there. They set the wedding for next Friday, and Avery says she will move out until then.

At Sharon's place, she answers Noah's questions about running the red light. He says she could have caused an accident that night. Noah warns Sharon to be careful - he doesn't want Faith to ever go through what Summer's going through right now. As Noah is questioning Sharon about the photo of Nick again, Nick calls and asks him to be his best man. Noah agrees. He then tells Sharon that Nick and Avery are getting married next Friday. Later, Sharon and Cassie talk. Sharon is worried about Noah putting things together. Cassie feels responsible for Sharon and Nick splitting up after she left them. Sharon says she had no control over that, but Nick and Avery is something she can do something about.

Jill arrives at the Abbott house looking for Billy. Jack says he's not home. Jill tells Jack that Katherine is gone. Jack assures Jill that Katherine knew how she felt about her. Jill says she never got to share her deeper feelings - that she loved her and would always love her. "She was like my mother." Jack holds her. "She knew."

At Crimson Lights, Kyle offers to move out of Jack's house so Summer can get to know Jack. Summer complains he's trying to make her choose one father over the other. They discuss Victor's issues. Summer wants to stay at the penthouse where she doesn't have to be an Abbott or a Newman. Avery arrives. Kyle goes. Avery asks Summer to be her maid of honor. Summer pouts that everything is just so complicated now. She talks about feeling pulled in different directions by Victor, Traci, and Abby. Avery suggests she embrace both families.

Michael and Lauren arrive at the station with a box of dead flowers Carmine left outside their door. "I only feel alive when I'm with you." Michael wants to find Carmine before the police. Paul warns him not to go after him. Michael hollers that the cops' efforts have amounted to nothing. They have to follow rules - he doesn't. Alex appears, saying Basco checked into the Hillside Inn and they're going to check it out. Michael tries to follow and ends up being cuffed. Paul yells at Michael about playing the vigilante. Lauren implores Michael to let the police do their job. Lauren's phone rings - it's says 'unknown caller', but it's Jack telling her Jill needs her right now. Lauren listens, hangs up, and tells Paul and Michael tearfully that Katherine died. After she leaves, Paul and Michael discuss Katherine.

In his room, Carmine watches the video of him and Lauren in bed. Later, Alex and another cop bust through the door. Carmine's gone, but spray-painted a message on the wall - 'You can't erase me'. Alex calls Paul to fill him in. Michael and Paul arrive on the scene. Michael tries to smash Carmine's laptop, but Alex hollers that it's evidence. They open it and Carmine taunts Michael on the screen. Michael growls that he should have killed him when he had the chance.

At the Chancellor estate, Jill answers the door to Lauren. They embrace. Jill sobs. After, Jill complains about Katherine not letting anyone say goodbye. Lauren thinks Katherine wanted them to remember her strong and vital instead of weak. Jill cries that she should have told her. Lauren thinks Katherine couldn't bear to say goodbye to those she loved. Lauren recalls her first conversation with Katherine, and wishes she was there now to advise her on Carmine. Jill apologizes. Once alone, Jill spots a red book containing the letter. "I'll still be watching from another room..."

Kyle joins Jack at home. They discuss Summer. Kyle says he offered to move out but Summer said no. Jack tells Kyle that Katherine died. He'll miss her. Later, Summer shows up with Chinese food for her and Jack. Kyle comes downstairs and offers to get plates.

Noah goes to the tackhouse and tells Nick that he's concerned Sharon was thinking they might have been headed back together. Later, Avery tells Nick that Summer agreed to be her maid of honor. Nick says Sharon may be in a bad place right now. Avery tells him he found his happiness, and Sharon will too.

At the station, Lauren gets a call from Carmine, who asks if she liked his gift.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victor says to Victoria, "Under no circumstance will Jackass Abbott be father to my granddaughter."

Summer asks Noah for advice on how to get out of being Avery's maid of honor.

On the phone, Chelsea asks, "What do you want, Adam? Why should I come meet you?" Dylan appears behind her.

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