Brooke and Ridge relax in their bedroom and discuss the scandal at 'M'. Stephanie comes up in conversation and Brooke admits she's keeping a secret for her. Ridge urges her not to tell him - he's glad she's finally confiding in her. Brooke doesn't want to keep anything from him. He wants Stephanie to trust Brooke. She agrees to keep mum.

Stephanie looks out the window at home and contemplates her diagnosis. Eric appears and asks if something is wrong. She claims she was thinking about Bridget and Jackie. Eric comments on the change in her before leaving. Stephanie hears the door open - it's Brooke, who has come to drive her to her doctor's appointment! Stephanie sniffs that Brooke will only seduce a doctor. It comes out that she canceled her appointment. When Stephanie answers a phone call, Brooke finds her 'bucket list'. Stephanie tells her she will be refusing treatment - no nothing! Brooke is appalled, and tells her she doesn't want her to die. Stephanie thinks she should want her to die. She adds that treatment isn't what she wants to do - if she dies, she dies. Brooke takes her hand and says they're in this together. She won't allow her to leave them!

Bridget lays the baby down as a knock comes at her door - it's Rick wanting to discuss Jackie. Bridget is exasperated with him. Rick insists he genuinely has feelings for Jackie. Bridget points out that he always wants to 'be there' for attractive women in need. Rick says he really likes Jackie and will make sure she knows it.

Jackie comes into her office to find Rick waiting. He says he didn't come to see Amber, he came to see her - and he loves what he's seeing! They begin bickering about Owen. Rick says Owen's no longer doting on her since the baby came, but she could have it all again, with him! He asks her to leave it all behind and go to Paris. He goes on about what they'll eat, and how they'll get engaged at the Eiffel Tower. Jackie tells him she's not going. Rick pulls out a jewelry box and blurts, "Marry me!"

Eric arrives at Forrester and spies Thomas and Ridge working together - he's proud. Thomas remarks that Brooke should come back, but Stephanie would flip. Ridge thinks that might be changing.

Owen is with Bridget, who is reading message boards about the scandal. There is a post that says Owen and Bridget belong together now. Bridget feels the person may have a point. Owen says he's committed to Jackie, and they just need to adjust. Bridget says every time she looks at Logan, she feels lucky that he's the father.

Next week's Spoilers for The Bold and The Beautiful:

Change is coming at Forrester and 'M'.

Steffy has a proposition for Bill.

Oliver attempts to reconcile with Hope.

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