At the Chancellor estate, the gathered group continues to try to understand what's going on with the postcards. Victor muses that it seems like a dream vacation, which gives Jill an idea. Kevin joins them. Jill doesn't want to share her theory, she says Katherine will shed light on all of this. The lights suddenly come on. Jill says the places on the postcards are places Katherine wanted to visit before she died. Upset, Jill says Katherine's been closing out her bucket list. They debate if this means something ominous is happening. Murphy arrives. He asks where Neil is, and Lily says he's in London. Victor asks where Katherine is. Murphy says his wife won't be joining them. He talks about the trip being exhilarating and everything Katherine had hoped it would be. Jill asks where is she now? Murphy says he's getting to that. He describes all of the things Katherine did and how they spent time with Tucker in Hong Kong. Murphy then tells them that when the journey was over, Katherine died in her sleep in their hotel room that last night. Crying ensues. Murphy says she died with a smile on her face, adding that he's reached out to the family members who aren't in town and let them know what happened. Murphy explains that she knew she didn't have much time and decided to make the most of it. Jill hollers that she was selfish to the end. "How could you do this to us! To me..." They realize Katherine didn't want them all fretting over her, but Jill is still angry. She rails that Katherine robbed them of the chance to say goodbye. Murphy says that's not true - he'll let Katherine tell them herself. He produces a letter that Nikki is meant to read out. It says they should stop shedding tears, and that they will have a doozy of a party in her honor. Murphy says they must now take Katherine on her final journey. Murphy tells them to think about love when they think about Katherine; to think about life, not death. Champagne is passed around. They each flash to a memory of Katherine. Jill downs her entire glass and cries. They toast. "To Katherine."

At Sharon's, she and Faith wake up next to Nick on the sofa when thunder cracks. Avery knocks. Nick hugs Avery. Sharon says they thought her flight would be delayed. Avery replies, "Obviously." Sharon asks about Phyllis. Avery says it will be a long process. Nick and Avery go. Faith asks Sharon what's wrong. Sharon says nothing she can't fix if she tries hard enough. Noah arrives. Faith announces that Mommy and Daddy were sleeping together. Sharon explains she dozed off. Noah shows her photos he took at the gala - he thinks he might pursue it as a career. Sharon asks him to stay with Faith while she returns Nick's jacket. Noah agrees, but looks suspicious. Noah finds the photo of Nick that Sharon kept. He then finds the traffic court summons and looks something up on his laptop.

At the tackhouse, Avery tells Nick she saw his champagne surprise set-up; it was nice to come home to. Nick wants to feed her. He says Sharon brought him groceries. They eat and Avery thanks him for taking good care of her. She tells him about Summer's visit earlier. She urges him not to give up on her. They can rebuild their relationship. Avery dims the lights and they make love on the sofa. They are saying how much they missed each other when Sharon knocks. She pretends to be shocked that she's interrupted something. Awkwardness ensues as Sharon explains she thought Nick might need his jacket. He takes it upstairs, and Avery tells Sharon she doesn't need to keep checking in now that she's back. Sharon says they share kids so she won't be a stranger. Later, Avery tells Nick she wants to get married right away.

Sharon returns home and Noah questions her not giving the photo of Nick to Faith. "What's going on, Mom?" He says she seems a little unfocused. She counters that she's actually been incredibly focused. He grills her about the night she ran the red light about a block from the benefit, which isn't on the way home from the cemetery. He asks if she went to the gala.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Lauren answers the phone, "Jack?" Carmine says, "Hey gorgeous. Did you like my gift?"

Paul tells Michael he's not letting him go after Carmine. Michael hollers, "You can't stop me!"

Sharon asks Noah, "Is everything alright with your dad?" Noah replies, "Yeah. He and Avery are getting married next Friday."

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