At the ranch, Victor tells Nikki they can't take the horses out due to an incoming storm. They read a postcard inviting them to Katherine's house later. They talk about Katherine being family and get ready to leave.

Cane and Lily are at home discussing a postcard inviting them to Katherine's house at 8:00 PM sharp.

At the Chancellor Mansion, Jill reflects on Katherine finally coming home. Thunder rumbles. Later, Jill welcomes Cane and Lily, who said they received an invitation. They chat about not hearing from Murphy and Katherine until now. Jill says it's unlike her to have avoided her messages. Esther appears. She has a postcard too. Jill wonders what is going on. Jill leaves a message on Katherine's phone. Chloe joins them. All of their postcards are from different global locations. Victor and Nikki arrive, along with Devon. They all speculate. Jill gets a call from Katherine's cellphone, but can't hear anything. Jill gets a chill, but no one else feels it. The power goes out. Jill gets another call - it's Murphy, who asks them to wait until he arrives. Victor asks, "What about Katherine?" They are puzzled. Jill asks to see the postcards. Victor says it seems like a dream trip. Jill gasps, "That's it! That's what this is about..."

At Sharon's place, she looks at a photo of Nick. Faith says her tummy hurts all over. She asks for Daddy to come over - he'll know how to make it better. Sharon calls Nick at the tackhouse. "Faith needs you." Nick agrees to come over briefly before Avery comes home.

At the tackhouse Nick writes Avery a note letting her know he's gone to Sharon's place in case she gets back before him. When he opens the door to exit, the note blows away. Avery arrives, calling out for Nick. She gets a call from Jack and updates him on Phyllis. She loses the signal. Summer arrives. Avery tells her Phyllis is fine and Daniel and the doctors will let them know when there’s a change. Summer came to see Faith. Avery doesn’t know where they are. They discuss Summer's situation. Avery encourages Summer to go ahead and cry. Summer won't ever give up on Phyllis. They hug. Summer goes. Avery finds Nick's note on the floor and heads out.

Billy leads Victoria into their house. Something is on the table under a sheet. He says it's proof that they're marriage is worth saving. She agrees to let him present his evidence. Billy lights candles and gives Vikki wine. He removes the sheet to reveal a miniature courtroom. He says the scene was set for a classic Newman/Abbott battle over Jabot. They flash to their first kiss. Vikki pretends not to remember what happened. Billy says their first kiss changed his life. She says a kiss is just a kiss. Billy produces a karaoke machine to recreate their shared experience in Japan. Next, he recalls the Masquerade Ball. They dance with masks on. Billy then reveals a portrait of their wedding. They remember Victor having her arrested. Billy says they can overcome anything. "What's the verdict?" Victoria doesn't know if she can go another round. Billy says she's a risk-taker and urges her to stay with him. She calls him exhausting and exhilarating and kisses him.

Nick arrives at Sharon’s place and sits with Faith. When he tries to leave before the storm worsens, Faith pleads with him to stay and he agrees. Sharon suggests they play a game. Nick looks at his watch, and says it has to be quick. They play Twister. Faith wants Sharon to play with Nick. They end up in close proximity. After, they read Faith to sleep. Nick says Faith's been wanting more alone time with them - she's probably threatened by his engagement to Avery. Sharon says a few more days like this and it may not be an issue anymore. Nick tries to leave, but Sharon and Faith are both asleep on him. Outside, Avery takes in the cozy scene.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Faith tells Noah that Mommy and Daddy were sleeping together.

Jill tells the group that Katherine's been jetting around the world doing her bucket list. Esther asks, "Bucket list?" Jill says that's all the things a person wants to do before they die.

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