Adam asks Dylan about the baby at Crimson Lights. Dylan says he's named Connor and will be coming home tomorrow. Adam's surprised the premature baby can come home so soon. Dylan says the boy is healthy - he and Chelsea were both big babies. Adam says she never mentioned that. Dylan reiterates that Chelsea won't be a character witness for him.

At the hospital, Chelsea tells Anita she explained the baby's size to Dylan by saying she'd been a big baby. Anita warns she'll have to be on her toes or this could all come crashing down. Chelsea muses that she learned to lie from the best. They argue. Chelsea says Connor will have the perfect childhood she didn't have. She complains that Anita never demonstrated how to be a good mother. Anita says she'll be fine. Chelsea will fight for this family. Anita vows to cheer her on. Chelsea says she won't be there - her past won't touch Connor. "Get out. Now."

Vikki visits Nick at the tackhouse - she got his message about needing reinforcements. Nick says he wants her help getting Victor to back off Jack. Vikki admires Nick for wanting to help Jack. They discuss Victor and Billy. Victoria recounts how Billy tried to blackmail their father. Nick seems amused. Vikki says she'd love to see Adam out of Newman, but not like that. Nick says Billy's desperate to keep her. Vikki tells him Johnny said 'Dada' and it melted her heart, but then Billy pulled this stunt.

At the Abbott house, Nikki and Jack discuss the possibility of him falling off the wagon. Jack says Phyllis would have his head. They discuss Summer. Nikki offers her support, but is frustrated to hear Victor's causing trouble. Billy arrives complaining about Victor backing Adam. Jack feels Adam shouldn't be punished for something he didn't do. Nikki tells Billy the Newman drama won't help save his marriage. Once alone, Jack asks Billy what he did this time. Billy says his grand plan to win Vikki back went kaboom, but now he has a legit plan for her to realize she should take him back.

Victor is disturbed to find Sharon at Newman. They bicker about Adam needing her as a character witness. Victor says he only needs his family. They spar verbally until Adam arrives. Victor says Sharon's there to help. She tells Adam she won't be his character witness. Adam wonders what Victor said to her. Sharon tells Adam he's a master of self-preservation and can't lose with Victor on his side. After, Adam tells Victor that he thinks Nick influenced Sharon. Victor suggests Adam go to Green Bay on business to lay low. Adam worries it will look like he's running. Later, Nikki arrives and argues with Victor about Summer. She warns him he could drive Summer and Nicholas away forever. Victor tells her Sharon came to gloat about not supporting Adam. Nikki talks about Sharon ingratiating herself with Nicholas. They decide to keep an eye on her.

Victoria arrives in Chelsea's hospital room. She congratulates Chelsea and promises not to say anything about Adam being the father. She apologizes for her behavior. Dylan finds Anita crying in the corridor. He later joins Chelsea and Victoria. Once alone, Dylan talks to Chelsea about her worries and reassures her. They hold Connor. Chelsea says she looks at him and only sees Dylan.

Sharon comes to the tackhouse to thank Nick for helping her see that she shouldn't be Adam's character witness. Nick says it will be nice to see him squirm for a change. They toast to their little victory over Adam. Avery calls - she'll be back tomorrow.

Vikki greets Billy at Boulevard. She tells him about Connor's birth. Billy says he needs a couple of hours in the house alone to plan a surprise for her.

Adam drops into Jack's house and fills him in on Victor trying to shuffle him off, and Chelsea and Sharon not stepping up. Jack is sympathetic about Chelsea having her baby. Adam says karma is laughing at his expense. Jack thinks Victor has Adam's back. Adam says he'll disown him - it's only a matter of how and when. Jack tells Adam he'll support him. Adam marvels that he's backing him when Victor won't - he thinks the father/son ship has sailed...and sunk.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Cane says the storm's ready to hit any minute. Lily says it sounds like it's going to be a big one.

Billy asks Victoria to stay with him. Victoria tells him she just doesn't know if she can go another round.

Avery says to Summer, "I don't know where your dad is. I'm getting a little worried."

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