Adam shows up at his father's office. Carla, the reporter, is there. She and Adam bicker. Victor talks about how the scandal has been bad for the company. He wants to clear things up for the public. Victor claims that his son has his full backing and the rape charges are a joke. He sends Carla away. Adam is surprised. Victor tells him he needs to do his part now. Adam thanks him and leaves. His dad makes a call to one of his investigators, stating that he's sure his son is running some agenda.

Summer is at the Abbott house with Jack. She's all cried out but still agrees to go out to lunch with him. Summer isn't comfortable in the house because it reminds her of her mom and Kyle. Jack is sure that calamari will fix everything.

Nick takes Sharon back to her place. She opens her letter from the DMV and sees she has to appear in court. When he's about to leave, she whines about her leg. He rushes off to get some ice. Adam shows up. He needs some character witnesses and he hopes she'll be one of them. Nick returns. He and Adam do a little verbal sparring. Sharon offers to consider Adam's request. He heads out. Nick ices Sharon's ankle and tells her that saying anything positive about Adam would be perjury. Once he's gone, ghost Cassie appears and her mom worries to her about the time and date stamp on the DMV photo. Cassie advises her not to panic. Her mom worries that she could lose Nick again.

Abby corners Kyle at Boulevard to interrogate him about his date. He feels weird because it feels like he's betraying Summer. Abby promises not to be a blabbermouth. After she leaves, his date joins him. Jack and Summer arrive moments later. She spots Kyle and starts to pout. It's really awkward and she runs out. Victor strolls in and snipes, "You have no right to be a father to a Newman!" He claims that what Nick did was the best thing that could have happened to Summer. Victor forbids Jack to take her from the family. Nick appears and asks his dad to back off. Victor barks at both of them. Nick only hopes that Summer will think of him as one of her fathers. Across the room, once Kyle's date has stomped off after finding him too 'complicated', he corners Summer. He apologizes for the awkwardness. She tells him it's okay. They talk about how great their father is. She wanders off and watches the men arguing. Victor growls that Jack is their enemy, now more than ever. "I think you're the enemy," Nick says. The two fathers tell Victor to stay out of this but he refuses to listen. Victor stomps off. Jack makes it clear to Nick that he plans to be as much a father to Summer as he was.

At Cane's, he catches Hilary looking at the GC website. She tries to change the topic but then shows him the latest post from the blogger, accusing Neil of murder. Hilary plays with her hair.

Neil and Leslie are at Crimson Lights discussing the offer he made to the blogger. They see that the blogger made another post, refusing to reveal themselves to him until he is destroyed. Leslie rails about 'the coward' harassing him. Neil gets a brainstorm and declares that he knows who the blogger is. It must be Rose's daughter, Ann Turner. He's determined to finish this face to face. Neil thinks Ann must be in London and he wants to track her down. Leslie thinks that's daft but he's determined. Adam shows up. He needs to talk to his lawyer. They sit at a table a few feet away. He tells her about his single possible character witness. She's not impressed and advises him not to do anything stupid. Back at his table, Neil books a trip to London. Hilary sits a few feet away, staring at him. Her laptop has a picture of Rose as her wallpaper.

Tyler finds Noah eating at the club. Noah complains about his job. Tyler has an idea for him. He suggests that they go back to work at Jabot together. Noah is okay with that, but it's not easy for him to promise not to hit on Lily. As he heads out, he bumps into Abby and tells her to be nice to her boyfriend. She sits down with Tyler and they yap about Traci. Abby assures him she was not trying to fast-track him. He presents her with tickets to the US Open. She's thrilled.

Noah drops by his mom's place with photos of the benefit. She keeps a photo of Nick. He bustles off. Ghost Cassie assures her mom that her plan to get Nick back will work.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

"Is his family going to be there with him when he goes to prison?" Sharon asks.

"I thought the baby was premature. How is he supposed to be going home so soon?" Adam asks Dylan.

"This is the only truth that matters: I am going to grow old with Dylan McAvoy," Chelsea declares.

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