Sharon shows up at Nick's with groceries. She asks about Phyllis and tells him he needs to take care of himself. She's determined to help with that. "We'll always have a connection, no matter how ugly things get," she says. He'd be glad to be her compass. They recall rolling around in poison oak. Avery calls him. Sharon stays back and huffs to herself as she eavesdrops. When he gets off the phone, she pretends to trip down the stairs. "That was silly," she says, falling into his arms. He offers to send her to the ER. She asks him take her home. He lifts her up and starts massaging her ankle.

Jack mopes around the Abbott house. He picks up a scarf of Phyllis' and smells it. John appears and pays his condolences. Jack isn't sure he can exist without Phyllis. He takes about how Red is wasting away. His father tells him to give it time and find a way to get through the pain. Jack takes out a pill bottle but it's empty. His father is sure he is stronger than pain and pills now. Jack contemplates his dealer's number.

At home, Lily watches Hilary and Cane chuckling about work. As soon as Hilary leaves, Lily moans to her husband about how she was dressed. He accuses her of being jealous. This annoys her and leads to much bickering. Cane reminds her of how much he loves her and tells her not to let the blogger get in their heads.

At Crimson Lights, Abby tries convincing Tyler to play hooky with her. He makes some plans with her for later. She tells him Devon wants him back to do publicity. Abby departs and Devon strolls in. Tyler questions him about sending the blond after him. Tyler pushes him to admit that getting him fired was stupid. Devon admits that was all about Lily. Tyler lays out everything he wants. This includes an apology. Devon isn't about to give him one so Tyler walks out. Hilary strolls in and chats to Devon about his time in the music industry. After she rushes off, Lily mopes in and sits with her brother. They discuss how 'too nice' Hilary is. He wonders what her long-term game is.

Abby joins Summer and Traci at Glowworm. Summer is uncomfortable as Abby babbles. Traci joins in to babble about all of the Abbott traits. Summer still feels like a Newman. Traci does her best to be welcoming anyway. Jack calls Summer. Before she runs off, she asks Abby about the Creamy Nude lipstick and explains her mom had it with her. After she runs off, Traci questions her niece about her love life. Abby starts to gush about Tyler. He suddenly appears and turns on the smarm.

Summer shows up at the Abbott house. Jack begins talking to her about Kyle and advises her not to bottle up her pain and fear. He assures her that her mom thinks she's the greatest thing ever. She cries on his shoulder. He tells her they need to just take things one day at a time. She kisses his cheek and goes off to clean up. Jack sobs to himself and then throws his dealer's number in the fireplace. "I love you son," his father's ghost says.

At the station, Alexis is mocking, but agrees to listen to Neil and Leslie. Neil explains that the blogger blames him for Rose's death and they are right to do so. He relates the whole story of how he left her to die. Alex doesn't see any crime in what happened but he wonders how the blogger knew any of this. He looks through the database. The cop suggests that they try offering the blogger the details about Rose's death. Neil writes the blogger an email, offering to meet him face to face so he can explain.

Hilary heads back to Cane's with coffee for their conference. She impresses him with her ability to fold a napkin. He feels like he doesn't know anything about her. She keeps things focused on business. Hilary gets a message and looks mysterious.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

"I'm going to be needing a few character witnesses and I was hoping that you'd testify on my behalf," Adam says to Sharon. Nick listen and stares.

Neil tells Leslie that he knows who the blogger is.

Victor accuses Jack of turning Summer against her family. "I am her family!" Jack barks. "You will never take her from us!" Victor barks back.

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