At Crimson Lights, Kyle greets Summer. They talk about Phyllis. Kyle's concerned about Summer. She complains about not working. Kyle says they thought she'd need time off. Summer just wants to move on.

In Georgia, Jack and Avery return to the hotel after getting Phyllis settled. They talk about wedding plans. Jack's sure Phyllis will have ideas. Avery would like Phyllis to be at her wedding. She thinks they turned a corner; Phyllis was almost happy for her and Nick. They eat and tell stories about Phyllis. Kyle arrives. He tells Jack that Summer needs him. Avery leaves them to talk. Kyle warns Jack that Summer's closing herself off. Jack decides he'll go home. Avery says goodbye. She and Jack embrace.

Chloe, Jeff, Anita, and Stitch arrive at Dylan and Chelsea's house. Dylan says he called them because they're getting Anita worries she looks like something the cat dragged in. Stitch disagrees. Billy arrives with catering. Dylan sees him off as Anita flirts with Stitch. Jeff raises a glass to Dylan, who is marrying his 'little girl'. Chelsea appears in her wedding dress. She joins Dylan, who makes a heartfelt speech. She showed him a path and he's honored to walk it with her. Chelsea wants Dylan to be happy and at peace. She will always have his back. "You have a partner for life." Dylan produces his parents' rings. They are pronounced husband and wife. Chloe and Stitch toast to the happy couple. The baby kicks. Later, Dylan tells Chelsea about his plans for that night. Chelsea says he'll have to put them on hold...she's in labor and there's no time to get to the hospital!

At Victoria's house, she and Nikki discuss Jack. There's so much going on with everybody - even Adam has troubles. Nikki asks if Vikki thinks he did it. Vikki has no idea what to believe, but she feels if Victor wants to save the company, he has to boot Adam out on his ass. Nikki knows Victoria would like to get back to the company, but she's concerned about her marriage. Vikki says Billy's been going to meetings. She tells her about the bookcase and Johnny saying 'Dada'. Nikki asks if they'll reconcile. Vikki says she's afraid. Nikki gives her a pep talk. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. "Keep your mind open."

At Boulevard, Victor tells the reporter he won't ask Adam to resign - he hasn't been convicted of any crime. The reporter asks Adam if he's prepared to step down to save Newman Enterprises. Adam says he won't step down and Victor couldn't put him out anyway - they're equal partners. Billy appears. He says Adam would do anything for Newman, including ruin his marriage. Victor gives a statement backing Adam. Billy says at that moment, Chelsea is becoming Mrs. Dylan McAvoy. Billy walks away and Victor tells Adam he's sorry - he knows the news about Chelsea must be upsetting. Adam pretends not to care and leaves. Billy returns. He taunts Victor with the recording that makes Adam look guilty as hell. He threatens to make the D.A. a copy. Victor says blackmailing him will blow up in his face. "What are you up to?"

Sharon, Faith, and Nick enter the tackhouse after a visit to the stables. Nick shows Sharon the picture Faith drew of the family with her in it. He says Nikki might not like it, but it's exactly what he needs. They play a board game. Summer arrives to see Faith. Sharon encourages them to go do something outside. Nick says Summer needs a father and isn't ready to turn to Jack in that way. Sharon disagrees. She thinks Summer and Jack can relate to their situation and tells Nick he should back off. Later, Faith and Summer are dressed up for make-believe. Faith goes upstairs and Summer tells Nick and Sharon about the lipstick from the stairwell that didn't belong to Phyllis. Sharon tries to blow it off, but Nick wonders if someone else was in the stairwell with her. Sharon says someone could have lost it before. Summer says there's no telling how many women wear that color.

At Crimson Lights, Jeffrey and Anita discuss Chelsea's wedding and how she's determined to keep Adam in the dark. Adam appears. He says he already knows. They realize he's talking about the wedding and not the baby. Adam says he'd like to wish Dylan and Chelsea well. "Do you know where they are?"

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin asks Chloe if she wants to thank him for diverting Dee Dee earlier so she could get into it with Victoria. Chloe says, "We weren't." He says, "You were."

Michael asks Lauren, "What's up?" She says it's Carmine and shows him a text. "You'll never be free of me."

Billy tells Victor he's never going to walk away from Victoria, so he can just kiss that little fantasy goodbye.

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