At the hospital, Chelsea thinks she should be released. They need the doctor's okay. They discuss making it official before the baby comes. Dylan exits when the doctor arrives. Outside, he calls to see how his request is coming along. Chloe visits Chelsea, who worries about Dylan learning the truth, and about being a good mother. She goes on about how she was raised. Chloe says it's crazy talk. They go back and forth until Chelsea comes to her senses. Chloe says she, Dylan and the baby will be a family and will get it as right as can be.

In Adam's penthouse, he reads the rape headline and tells Leslie to make it go away - now. Victor arrives and tells reporters he has no comment. Inside, Victor complains about Adam avoiding his calls. They discuss the charges. Victor asks Adam if he's guilty. Adam says, "I am. As much as you are." Victor says Adam shouldn't have tried to beat him at his own game. Leslie plans to get something on Melanie, and asks Adam to get a character witness. She goes. Adam tells Victor that Melanie is bitter and Billy's fanned the flames. Adam theorizes that Billy has teamed up with Melanie to become a back-alley hero to Victoria. Adam asks Victor to back him. Victor doesn't want the Newman name dragged through the mud. Adam talks about Victor's many scandals. "Tricia Dennison." Victor says she was a nutcase. He got that dismissed and Adam needs to do the same. Victor says his business contacts have been calling. If Adam and his lawyer don't deal with this, he won't have a company to come back to.

Hilary arrives at Cane's house to help get work done. She's not concerned that he's sick and has brought soup. It gets spilled on his shirt. Jill arrives to find him shirtless. "What the hell is going on here?" Cane says Hilary was being thoughtful. Jill acts sarcastic. She asks if his marriage and career will survive these. She hands over her laptop. Cane says the blog post is old news and he's not concerned. Jill taunts Hilary about having her name linked with her handsome boss. Hilary says Lily didn't want her to quit. Once alone, Jill asks Cane how he and Lily are really. Cane says their marriage is solid. Jill asks if he's saying that because it's true, or he desperately wants to believe it's true. They discuss Katherine, who is on vacation with Murphy. Jill advises Cane to let Lily dole out the TLC from now on. Situations like she encountered could come with a price. She knew Hilary was competent, but didn't realize what Hilary would be so competent at. Later, Cane reads a postcard from Katherine.

At the hypnotherapy office, Neil continues to remember. He recalls being with Rose in a hotel room and Lily calling his cellphone. He can't answer it. The therapist brings him out. Neil says no more hypnosis. He thinks if he'd answered that call he would have left. "Something happened in that room." The therapist puts him back under. Neil recalls drinking and listening to jazz with Rose. He can't remember what happened next. The therapist asks, "Can't or won't?" Neil recalls that Rose passed out and he put a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door to be considerate before leaving. Neil recalls being in the hall. He wakes up and feels things have been resolved; he never saw Rose again. Leslie arrives. Neil tells her he remembered everything about his encounter with Rose. He describes the hotel. He even remembers the calendar being open to April. Leslie asks if he remembers the date. He said it would have been a week after Dru died, which was April 7. Leslie sighs. Rose died on April 15. Neil realizes he met Rose the night she died. He thought he left her sleeping...

At home, Dylan opens his door to Adam, who asks where Chelsea is. Dylan admits she had contractions and is in the hospital. He says they got them stopped but it was scary. Adam imagines it was considering the due date. They discuss Adam's charges. Dylan believes he's not guilty, but says he'll have to prove it without Chelsea's help.

At the hospital, Dylan tells Chelsea he promised the doctor he'd take good care of her. Chloe leaves, wishing them luck.

Jill finds Hilary at Crimson Lights and hisses at her to remember she is Cane's assistant and nothing more. Jill storms off. Hilary mutters, "We'll see about that."

At Boulevard, Victor takes business calls from partners pulling out. A reporter appears. She asks if he'll be asking Adam to step down.

Dylan brings Chelsea into their house, which is filled with white balloons.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Reporters ask Adam if he's prepared to step down to save the reputation of his father's company. Victor looks on.

Nikki asks Victoria, "Do you really believe he raped that woman?" Victoria says she has no idea what to believe.

Dylan tells Chloe and Jeffrey, "Chelsea and I are getting married. Today."

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