Billy enters his former house. Victoria says Johnny is napping. Billy asks her to have dinner with him. She wonders if he's asking her out on a date. Johnny gets up and Victoria prepares to leave him with Billy, who asks if they don't break anything, will she go on a date with him? She's not sure she's ready. He'll wait. She suggests she take his son instead. Johnny says, "Dada." Victoria tells Billy that Johnny's his son, and always will be.

Tyler is picking up food at Crimson Lights to take back to Abby. Lily appears. She's supposed to meet Abby there. Tyler smiles. He says she'll be a little bit late. Lily realizes he's getting the pastries to go. "You and Abby?" Hilary arrives. She has an advance copy of the Summer and Mason campaign. Tyler looks and compliments Lily. Talk turns to Tyler staying in Genoa City. Lily says she's happy, and Abby must be too. Hilary watches Lily as she watches Tyler leave.

At Noah and Tyler's apartment, Noah realizes Abby is in his kitchen trying to work the coffeemaker. He notices she's wearing Tyler's shirt. "You and Tyler?" Abby says adults have relationships with other adults. He calls her unpredictable. Tyler returns with pastries. Noah leaves as they make-out. Tyler reminds Abby about her appointment with Lily. She grabs her purse. Tyler prompts, "Clothes?"

Sharon arrives at the tackhouse to make breakfast for Nick. She stares at his chest. He asks about Faith, who appears. They make pancakes together. Nick finds a photo of him and Summer in a drawer. Sharon wants to be there for him. Avery calls. Nick tells Sharon there is encouraging news from Georgia - the facility was able to help another patient like Phyllis. Nikki enters. Faith goes upstairs. Nikki asks Sharon what she's doing. Sharon says she's not the same person she was... Nikki interrupts, and says she's the same gold-digging tramp she's always been. Sharon elects to leave. Nikki reminds Nick that Sharon never does anything unless it helps her. She warns that she's using Faith to worm her way back into his life. Nick talks about Sharon understanding what he did all those years ago. Nikki says he can lean on her. Faith appears with a family drawing including Sharon.

At Boulevard, Leslie gives Neil the address of her friend who does hypnotherapy. He tells her to back off. They bicker. Leslie wonders why he suddenly doesn't want answers. Neil doesn't think he can go there. She says he needs to do this for himself.

At the penthouse, Summer tells Courtney that Chloe and Chelsea canceled her shoot - she thinks they were trying to help out. Courtney wants her to talk about her issues. Summer tells her to drop it. Noah arrives. Courtney called him. Courtney leaves. Summer isn't keen to talk. Noah says she doesn't have to be a jerk because of what she's going through. He suggests she stop pretending she hates Nick and show him how much she loves him.

Abby arrives at Crimson Lights to meet Lily, who is pissed that she left Cane at home sick to meet her, but she was late because she was too busy having fun with Tyler. Abby wonders if it's the late part or the Tyler part that bothers her. Lily insists she has eyes for no one but Cane. Nearby, Tyler arrives and discusses the campaign with Devon. Tyler congratulates him. Devon says, "You too." Devon says Chloe and Chelsea want him to hire him back. Tyler asks what's really going on. Devon says he was wrong and it was a mistake to let him go. Tyler appreciates it, but says he's moved on. Hilary pops up to Devon and tells him none of the blog about her and Cane are true. Devon says Cane and Lily are solid. Devon walks over to Lily and Abby looking for help convincing Tyler to return to Jabot. Lily assumes he's addressing her, but he says he meant Abby.

Neil arrives at the hypnotherapist's office. He tells her he wants to remember. She hypnotizes him and he recalls meeting Rose in the bar. He says they talked about their kids, and a creepy guy snatched Rose's purse. He recounts chasing the guy down and returning Rose's purse. Rose thanked him with a kiss. He gave her his card to visit him in Genoa City, but she didn't want the night to end. They left the bar together.

At Sharon's house, Cassie asks her what happened to her breakfast with Dad. She says Nikki happened. Cassie understands why Sharon switched the DNA test. She urges her not to give up.

Summer is about to enter the tackhouse, but watches Faith run into Nick's arms and decides against it.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jill finds Hilary at Lily and Cane's house with a bare-chested Cane and asks, "What the hell is going on here."

Neil tells Leslie he remembered everything about his encounter with Rose.

Dylan tells Adam that Chelsea's having contractions and is in the hospital. Adam says, "It's a little too early for her to be having contractions."

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