Outside the ranch, Summer and Noah wonder why Nikki and Victor called them there. Nick greets them. Inside, Victor complains to Nikki about Adam not answering his calls. Summer, Noah, and Nick file in. Summer asks why she's there. Victor says they don't spend enough time together as a family. Summer thinks Victor's trying to stake his claim because she's an Abbott. Victor says she may have Jack Abbott's blood running in her veins, but she's a Newman. They discuss Phyllis. Victor criticizes Jack for sending her away. Summer says she convinced Jack and storms out. Nikki gets angry at Victor, who won't be silenced about Jack. Nick talks to Summer outside. She says Victor thinks she's half-mutant now and hates her father. Nick says they're her family. Summer muses that he's right; it's awful having Mom far away. Nick reassures her. He then goes back and complains to Victor that Summer and Jack are the victims. Later, Nikki and Victor bicker about Summer. He says Jack could take her away from them; they could lose a granddaughter.

At the police station, Fen tells Paul, Lauren, and Michael that he didn't steal the meds off the cart, he found them outside. Paul says there is video evidence. Michael asks how bad this is. Paul says the lying doesn't make it better. He says Christine can't go easy on him since he's an adult; they're looking at maximum jail time. Michael wants to cut a deal for Fen to go to rehab. Fen sneers about spending time with junkies. Lauren goes on about Carmine giving him drugs. Fen says he didn't; it was a lie. He says he's no better than Carmine, but his parents say that's not true. Michael vows to convince Christine that rehab is best. Paul says Fen has to spend the night in lock-up. Fen apologizes for letting them down. Hugging ensues.

At Boulevard, Adam and Billy spar verbally about the recording on Billy's phone. Adam tells him to take his best shot. Vikki appears. "Best shot at what?" She realizes it's about the rape charges. She doesn't think Adam did it. He says her instinct is right and walks off. Vikki asks Billy how he would be involved in the charges against Adam. Billy won't discuss Adam and teases Vikki that she came to see him. Vikki insists it was for the new salad. Billy wants to sit and talk. They agree on a visit with Johnny. Billy asks if she'd be there too. She says she won't be at her job... Billy knows she misses Newman and urges her to go back. She won't while Adam's there. Billy wants something to make her happy. She goes and Billy phones someone.

Adam arrives at Newman with a reporter on his tail. He makes a statement about it being revenge and says he's innocent. Later, he watches TV coverage of his statement.

At the hospital, Dylan reassures Chelsea that if they keep the baby from coming a little longer, he or she will be fine. Chelsea says she's so sorry. She tells him he's decent, and she's not. Chloe bursts in. Chelsea realizes the contractions stopped. Dylan goes to tell the doctor. Chelsea panics to Chloe, who reassures her. She reminds her the truth would ruin everything. They discuss Chelsea not wanting Dylan to work at Victoria's. Dylan returns. He wants to know why she doesn't want him to do it. Chloe says it's just hormones; she doesn't want him around Victoria when she can't see her toes. The doctor returns. Chloe and Dylan step out. Chloe says they both deserve this baby. The doctor tells Chelsea the contractions have stopped but the baby's in position. It may decide to come and they won't be able to stop it. Chloe goes back in. They discuss the lie again. Chloe says Dylan is checking on something and will be back soon. Dylan stops the doctor and asks about the baby's birth weight. The doctor won't tell him anything. Later, Chelsea has a nightmare about Adam taking the baby from the hospital and telling her she's unfit to be a mother, while Dylan hollers at her about lies. She awakens gasping. Dylan appears and says there's something bugging him. "Let's get married before the baby comes."

Kyle finds Summer sitting alone on the patio at Crimson Lights. He wishes he could help and urges her to cry. She won't. Inside, Billy meets Melanie and tells her if she wants Adam to suffer, they have to take away what matters most. She refuses to recant. Billy says fine, but he has a plan.

Nick returns to the tackhouse and looks at a photo of Summer.

Vikki arrives at home and smiles.

In his room, Carmine reads about Fen's charges and grins.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Lily says to Abby, "You show up over an hour late because you were out having fun with Tyler." Abby wonders if it's the late part or the Tyler part that bothers her."

Billy says to Vikki, "I'm wanting to know if you want to go to dinner with me." She replies, "You're asking me on a date?"

At the tackhouse door, Nikki says to Sharon, "Nicholas' fiancee is out of town and you're over here making pancakes."

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