At the tackhouse, Avery prepares to leave for Georgia. Nick wants to be sure they're okay before she leaves. Avery apologizes for lashing out at him. She still can't understand why Phyllis fell - she'll figure it out.

At home, Sharon tells Noah it's insulting for him to suggest she's off her medication. He says she's not acting like herself. Sharon claims she's fine and has new direction in her life. Noah asks what that is, but she won't say. He goes. Cassie tells Sharon that Noah knows better. Sharon figures that Noah worrying about her might help her attain her goals - he'll get Nick to come and check on her. Cassie says he won't take her to dinner, he'll call her doctor. Sharon says she'll show him their bond is stronger than ever.

At the tackhouse, Noah tells Nick something's off about Sharon. Avery listens as Noah says Sharon's going back down that hole. Nick agrees to check on her. After, Nick tells Avery he's probably seeing something that isn't there.

At Sharon's, she assures Nick she'd never go off her meds. She claims to be upset about Phyllis. He updates her on Avery going to Georgia. Sharon asks how long she'll be gone. Cassie smiles. Sharon invites Nick for breakfast the next morning.

Cane and Lily chat at home. He admits Tyler did a good job on his campaign. Hilary calls Cane. There's a new post saying Ashby's assistant follows him around like a puppy dog. Lily and Cane look online. Lily can't understand what this has to do with her dad and urges Cane to check on Hilary. Cane exits as Neil and Devon arrive. Neil tells his kids about his bender in Evanston and that he met Gus' Rose. Neil says once he figures this out, they'll all be free from this blogger. Devon and Lily are puzzled. Neil needs to remember the rest. He leaves. Devon asks Lily about Cane and Hilary. She assures him her marriage is fine.

At Hilary's suite, she assures Cane she's not trying to seduce him. He tells her about the 'loser' blogger who broke into Neil's home. Hilary asks about this 'loser'. Cane thinks if they have something to say they should come out of the shadows. He's sorry Hilary's been dragged into it.

Adam tells Paul, at the station, that he had sex with Melanie, but he didn't rape her. Leslie arrives. Avery's away so she's handling the preliminaries. Adam says he's innocent. Paul arrives to take a cheek swab. Leslie warns Adam not to talk. He says she knows he's innocent. Leslie says it's only about what she can prove.

At Boulevard, Billy realizes Melanie made up the claim of rape against Adam. They argue heatedly. She insists Adam will go down for this. Billy rants that he was falsely accused of rape - it's a nightmare. He hisses that Adam's not going to roll over and take it. Melanie isn't swayed. Billy says she needs to retract her statement.

At Adam's penthouse, Leslie wants him to give her something she can use against Melanie. Adam fills her in on Melanie's spying. He brings up the fact that she filed harassment charges before crying rape. Leslie says that makes her look vindictive. Adam says she kept the evidence - it may not be her first time at the dance. Leslie doesn't like women who falsely cry rape - she'll make her pay.

Adam arrives at Boulevard as a reporter urges Melanie to tell her side of the story. Melanie tells the reporter to go away. Adam asks Melanie what it's going to take to make this go away. Melanie just wants to see him suffer. She storms off. Billy needles Adam, who calls him out on teaming up with her. He wonders what Victoria would think. Billy plays a recording of Adam offering Melanie money and wishes him luck.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea thinks the pain was a false alarm until she doubles over with another one.

In the hospital, Chelsea and Dylan learn that the baby is on the way. Dylan hollers that it's way too early. Chelsea wildly tells the doctor she has to stop the labor now. Chelsea sends Dylan out to call Chloe. The doctor says it's fine to deliver, there will be no complications. Chelsea says that Dylan would know the truth. Later, Dylan returns and says the doctor told him they can stop the labor. He reassures Chelsea, who cries that she has to tell him everything.

At home, Neil wonders what happened with Rose after the bar. Leslie arrives and tries to get him to relax.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea asks, "Where's my baby?" Adam says, "My baby. Is safe."

Victor informs Summer that she has Jack Abbott's blood running in her veins, but she's a Newman.

Paul tells Lauren, Michael and Fen that Fen's looking at maximum jail time.

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