Daniel and Jack talk about Lucy in Phyllis' room. Jack mentions missing Summer's childhood. He talks about 'his girls' and says it's killing him that his love may not wake up.

On the coffee house patio, Summer asks Kyle to help her convince Jack that Phyllis going to the facility in Georgia is the best thing. Kyle thinks Jack needs to hear it from her.

At the tackhouse, Nick and Avery bicker about what should happen with Phyllis. Avery lashes out at Nick, who says he's not the enemy. Avery insists she needs to be with family. Nick says Daniel is doing what Phyllis would do.

At Boulevard, Billy asks Dylan to help him fix his marriage via his carpentry skills. He tells her Victoria lost a special bookcase in the ranch fire and he'd like to replace it. Dylan takes the work.

Victoria spots Chelsea texting in Crimson Lights and says she texted Chloe to stay away from her husband. Chelsea's reminds her that she has Johnny thanks to her, and suggests she stop threatening to tell Adam the truth about her baby. Adam appears. He asks Chelsea if his sister's bothering her. They bicker. Victoria brings up the suit against him. He says Victor will know it's baseless. He assures her Melanie won't bring him down, just like she couldn't. He lets Victoria know that Billy's involved - he saw him and Melanie in deep conversation. Vikki goes. Chelsea and Adam discuss Phyllis. Chelsea has Summer's first ad layout to drop off. They discuss the crazy lies Nicholas told. Adam says lies like that always come out. As he goes, Dylan enters. Chelsea's peeved to hear he's building something for Victoria and goes on about why he shouldn't do it. She gets a pain and thinks she's in labor.

Victoria finds Billy at Boulevard and mentions her 'interesting' conversation with Adam. She spots the bookcase drawing, and he admits he's having Dylan build it. Victoria stuns Billy by accusing him of giving up on them. He sets her straight.

Melanie asks Paul, at the station, to arrest Adam Newman. "He raped me, and I want him to pay." Melanie says it happened a month ago. Paul asks why she waited to come forward. She says Adam threatened to prevent her from getting another job. Paul can question him, but there's no evidence of a crime. She hands over items of torn clothing as evidence, and then tells a story about Adam turning violent after they went up to a suite together and she admitted to feeding Victor information. She cries. "He wouldn't stop."

Noah stops by Sharon's place with Faith's toy. Sharon asks about Phyllis. Noah says she may not wake up. Sharon gasps. She flashes to Phyllis' fall. "I feel so guilty." Noah is puzzled. He talks about Summer only being able to take so much.

Summer joins Jack in Phyllis' hospital room and they argue about moving her. Jack says she needs them. Summer says they need her more. Jack concedes she might be right about that. Summer assures him he won't be alone. They hug.

In the hospital waiting room, Kyle and Daniel discuss being there for Summer and what a mess Nick made of things. Avery appears with Nick. She tells Daniel she thinks Phyllis should to to the facility; she thinks it's what she would want. Daniel hugs her. She says Nick convinced her. Daniel still won't forgive him. Summer appears and says Nick doesn't need to prove anything to her; he loves her. Summer shares that Jack changed his mind about Georgia. They all go to see about paperwork. Sharon slips by and enters Phyllis' room. She tells her she never meant for her to get hurt. She wants her to wake up, but then says Nick can't be told she switched the paternity results. She goes on about having to make him understand herself. She complains that Phyllis should have been patient. Sharon exits and runs into Noah. He asks if she's off her meds. Summer has joined Phyllis and tells her she gets one day to worry; she gets one day to cry, and then they put it all in a box. She needs that. "I love you more than infinity, Mom." Nick goes in next. "No one could ever say we were boring." He won't say goodbye. He joins everyone else. It's time for Phyllis to go. Jack goes in and puts Phyllis' engagement ring on her finger. "I'll wait for you."

Adam enters Boulevard as Vikki and Billy are making nice. Paul follows and arrests Adam. Melanie watches.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Neil tells Devon and Lily that in Evanston, he walked into a bar and met Rose.

Noah tells Nick there's something weird about the way Sharon's been acting.

Chelsea's doctor tells her that delivery now is not as risky as it could be. Chelsea says, "Except that Dylan will know the truth."

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