At the tackhouse, Nick says he'd do anything for Summer. She asks even if it means Aunt Avery will hate him? Summer wants to let Daniel take Phyllis to the facility. She explains that she's listened and done her own research. The facility has higher success rates than anyplace out there. Nick respects what she's saying, but also agrees Genoa City is the best place for Phyllis. He thinks Daniel is reacting on emotion. She thinks Jack and Avery are doing that. They continue to debate. Summer thinks it's most important to give her a shot at waking up. Nick says love is sometimes the best medicine. Summer is frustrated. She reminds him when she was sick, Phyllis took her to Europe. Nick says Phyllis' situation is different. Summer tells him he owes her this. Nick agrees to talk to Avery.

At Boulevard, Avery tells Adam she's looking for a precedent so she can keep Daniel from moving Phyllis. Adam gets a call and excuses himself. He tells someone the charges are baseless and refers them to Newman's legal department. He returns to Avery and they discuss the situation with Phyllis. Adam and Avery are certain if she, Jack, and Summer oppose Daniel they can't lose. Adam wishes her luck and walks over to Melanie. He asks if she's heard the one about the man who walks into a bar and sits beside a bitter, vindictive liar... He assures her he won't deny they slept together but has signed affidavits from employees saying she was all over him. He also knows people who know judges. Melanie calls him a bastard. He reminds her she's the one making false charges.

Billy's with Victoria and Johnny at their house. He says he's going to meetings and has his sponsor on speed dial. He wants them to move back in. She's not sure it's the right thing. Billy acts playful and hopes to make it impossible for her to say no. They discuss his addiction. He says the gambling devil is always there, but her believing in him would make things easier. Nikki arrives. She's glad they're together. Billy heads out. Victoria warns Nikki she doesn't want to discuss her marriage. She asks how Victor reacted to the lawsuit against Adam. Nikki says with the problems the family's facing, Newman should be the last thing on her mind. Vikki protests that she's still a shareholder. Nikki says this battle for Newman always ends in heartache.

In bed at home, Lauren and Michael discuss Phyllis. Lauren is glad the Carmine nightmare is over. Michael wants him in jail. He gets a text from Kevin that Phyllis is in a coma.

At the hospital, Jack chats to Phyllis and flashes to their good times. "Please come back to me." Lauren and Michael arrive in the waiting area and speak with Daniel. Lauren goes to join Jack. Daniel asks Michael to hang back; there's something he can do for his mom. Michael listens and says Phyllis wouldn't want her loved ones fighting. Daniel asks if he'll be her advocate. In the room, Jack tells Lauren that talking to her is what will bring her back. Michael joins them. He tells Phyllis that he and Lauren are back on track, and cries as he says it's time to wake up. Later, Kyle brings Jack lunch in Phyllis' room. Jack tells a funny story about a picnic he did for Phyllis once. Outside, Daniel talks to Lauren and Michael. He's not used to her just laying there. He flashes to past arguments. He'd love to fight with her now. Jack emerges in time to hear Michael say he will help Daniel move Phyllis. Jack can't believe it. Michael gets a call from Paul - Fenmore's been arrested for stealing drugs. After, Jack tells Daniel he doesn't want to fight anymore. They agree to let a judge decide.

Avery arrives at the tackhouse, and Summer leaves. Nick tells Avery that Summer's on Daniel's side. Avery wants to show him what she's prepared, but Nick doesn't want to see it. "I think Summer's right." Avery gets angry. She accuses Nick of taking Summer's side to win her back.

Billy finds Adam at Boulevard and asks if there isn't another bar he can go to. Adam likes the witty banter there. Adam references the groundless sexual harassment charges. Billy bets that's what all the harassers say. Adam says using the word 'bet' can be dangerous for him. Adam walks off and Melanie tells Billy she may have underestimated Adam, but there's another way. Adam watches, unseen.

Kyle spots Summer at Crimson Lights. He's sure she doesn't want to see him, but she says she does.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon says to Noah, "I just feel so guilty." Noah asks why she'd feel guilty about what happened to Phyllis?

Victoria sees Chelsea at Crimson Lights and says, "I hope that's a text to your friend, Chloe, telling her to stay away from my husband."

Adam pushes Melanie up against a door in a suite at the GCAC and tells her there's a price for betrayal.

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