At the Abbott house, Nick tells Jack he's looking for Phyllis and wonders if she's with Summer. Jack says he can wait and notes his agitated state. He thinks Nick is having trouble letting Summer go. Jack says he put out his family photos for Father's Day. Nick grunts. Jack talks about Kyle transitioning to think of him as his father. He assures Nick that Summer will come around; they did a great job with her.

At the penthouse, Phyllis sees Summer and Kyle off to On The Boulevard. She warns Kyle to take care of her little girl.

Phyllis arrives at the Abbott house asking what was so urgent? Jack tells her he thinks Nick's reacting to Summer's graduation. Jack talks about delivering Summer and then says he's sorry. Nick tells him to stop apologizing. Phyllis asks if this has to do with Cassie's death. Nick says he shouldn't have come.

At Boulevard, Billy talks to Carmine about why he gets drawn into poker. "Lady Luck's a tease...she gets you every time." Carmine comments about temptations. Billy greets Summer and Kyle, and says dinner's on the house. Kyle and Summer talk about her modeling career. Courtney texts Summer to ask if she's still a virgin. Summer smirks and suggests they skip dinner. She wants to get a hotel room together. Kyle smiles; she's fearless. Nearby, Jack greets Billy. He tells him Phyllis moved back in. Billy thinks Summer and Kyle will be happy about shacking up. Jack says he's fine with them dating but Nick doesn't like it.

Lauren and Michael arrive home from the therapist's office with homework. They mock the assignments. Lauren pulls a blindfold out of the envelope. They get laughing over a dice game and say what they admire about each other. Later, Michael has the blindfold on and has to follow her voice to navigate the room. He takes a big step and bangs into the coffee table. He snaps that maybe they're just not made for blind trust. Lauren says they have twenty-some days left. She doesn't know how to make this up to him. Michael tells her this is a start. She puts the blindfold on. When she nearly topples over the couch he catches her. She says she made a mistake. He says he knows.

Fen and Raven arrive at the party. He clarifies that she's not trying to set him up. They discuss what he did to Jamie. Fen says he's paying the price. She says now he know what it's like to be an outcast like them. Soon Fen is high and laughing with Raven. He gets a text from Carmine. Raven wonders what he wants - people always want something.

Phyllis follows Nick to the tackhouse. She wants to know what's going on with him. He wants her to leave it alone. She asks if something is going on with Summer. He says, "Yes, no, you don't want to know." Phyllis says he's scaring her. "Tell me!" Nick blurts, "I'm not Summer's father. Jack is." Phyllis takes the DNA results and reads them. She's confused. The original said he was a match. Nick says he lied to her; the samples were corrupted but he made it out like the first test was conclusive. Phyllis repeatedly says this can't be happening. "What have you done? What have you done!" They argue about him playing God and not being able to let go of Sharon. Nick says he knew that baby was his and that's all there was to it. He knew because of Cassie; he knew God couldn't be so cruel to take Cassie and then... Nick says it worked out how it was supposed to be. Phyllis points out that Summer's life is a lie; is that how it was supposed to be? She's upset that he used her for a Cassie substitute. Nick becomes angry and says he still considers himself Summer's father. Phyllis says he's like Adam and calls him a hypocrite. Nick denies he's like Adam; he didn't hurt anyone. Phyllis says she's hurt and this will kill Summer. She sobs. "Why are you doing this now?" Suddenly she realizes why; Summer's with Kyle and has only one thing on her mind.

At Boulevard, Summer ignores Phyllis' calls. Kyle asks about the hotel. It doesn't have to be tonight after graduation. Summer agrees; she'd like to see her friends tonight. They spot Jack. He tells them he didn't know they would be there. He hugs Summer for graduating. Later, Jack asks Billy what's going on; he's been on the phone all night. Kyle returns from dropping Summer off.

Still at the tackhouse, Phyllis finally reaches Summer who is at the penthouse. She tells her mother she took her advice; she'll be hitting up the parties instead. Phyllis voice cracks with relief. Phyllis tells Nick nothing happened. He's worried she's lying. She stops him from heading over there. Phyllis takes a call from Jack, who says he's at Boulevard with Kyle. Phyllis asks Nick. "What the hell are we going to do?"

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan asks Chelsea if she's really okay. She says she's never been better.

Sharon tells Adam that deep down, he wants something more than meaningless sex. Adam asks, "Do I?"

Kevin asks Chloe if she's thinking about turning him in to the cops.

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