At the tackhouse, Avery tries to get through to Nick how unhappy Faith was with her. Nick reassures her - she'll be a great mother to Faith, and to their kids too. Avery gets a call from Dylan who pleads with her to meet him to talk. Avery lies to Nick that it was business. He wants to resume their talk, but she makes excuses and leaves, assuring him she hasn't changed her mind about marrying him.

Victor arrives at Victoria's house to discuss her announcement. Victor thinks they should respect Adam's willingness to change and asks if she's coming back to strengthen family ties or sever them. Victoria begins ranting about Adam's probable motives. Victor counters that he could have run the company into the ground, but he made it stronger. She says Adam's turned him against the people who love him. Victor's offended. "Do you think I would allow that boy to run roughshod over me or what? Who do you think I am?" Vikki insists she's on his side. Victor tells her Adam is too. He decides his idea of having all his children working with him was an illusion - he tells her she should focus on baby-making with Billy.

At On The Boulevard, the card man, Barry, tries to get a game of poker going - it turns out he's the restaurant's owner. Adam says he'll play. Carmine and Billy join. Mason appears and is invited in. Carmine asks a tipsy Michael to join the game. They spar verbally. Michael says they have nothing in common. Carmine replies, "You might be surprised." Carmine taunts, "There are two things I know I'm better at than you, and one of them is poker." Michael joins. Carmine's the first to leave, and warns 'Mike' he'll be taking something from him before the night's over. As the game continues, 'Wild Bill' takes some chips from Adam and becomes excited. He ignores a call from Victoria. Adam chides him. When Mason and Michael leave, Billy, Barry, and Adam remain. Adam bows out, warning Billy about knowing when to quit. He reminds Billy they're playing for keepsies as Barry throws in the keys to On The Boulevard. Billy remembers Barry using the same bluff tactic five years ago and calls. He wins. Adam tells Billy now he can go home and explain to his sister how he went out for a beer and came home with a restaurant.

Fen gets home to find Michael's gone out and talks to Lauren about their marriage issues. Fen feels it's all his fault. Lauren tells him he's not the reason they're not together. Fen says either way their family is screwed and leaves. There's a knock - it's Carmine. Lauren worries Michael will return, but Carmine says he's out playing high-stakes poker. He touches and kisses her. She protests weakly but gives in. She pushes him away and tells him she wants to save her family as Michael arrives outside the door. Carmine and Lauren discuss her situation, and he agrees to leave. Michael is gone.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan hands the engagement ring over to the jeweler, who wishes him luck and leaves. Avery arrives and Dylan tells her he's arranged to go before the judge tomorrow and will then leave town. Avery tells him she can't let him go. He asks what she's saying. Avery says their kind of friendship is rare - she can't lose it again. Dylan can't stay and watch her marry Nick. They hug. Nick arrives. Dylan sees him and leaves. Avery begins explaining why she lied about work. Nearby, Fen overhears Michael on the phone with Lauren, saying he won't be home and will call again in the morning. Michael goes, and Fen sits sadly. Carmine appears and says he looks like he could use a friend.

Nick and Avery return to the tackhouse. He's complaining that she lied to him, like Phyllis. Nick wants to know what she thought Dylan would say when she met him.

Dylan is packing in his room. He flashes to Sullivan dying in Afghanistan. He says Avery's name. Nick arrives and asks what it's going to take for him to stay out of their lives.

Billy arrives at home and assures Victoria, "It's all good."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victoria angrily says to Billy, "To buy a restaurant without even discussing it with me first!"

At Crimson Lights, Chloe says, "You guys have a lot to talk about," while rocking an imaginary baby in her arms behind Dylan's back so Chelsea can see. Dylan asks Chelsea, "Why would she say we have a lot to talk about?"

Adam asks Sharon, "What's going on?" She says, "Chelsea's pregnant."

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