At the tackhouse, Nick tells Avery that Faith is ready to sleep - they'll have to miss Nikki's party. Avery reminds him they need to tell Phyllis about their engagement before his family. Avery decides she'll babysit so Nick can go. Nick reluctantly agrees. Faith joins Avery and asks, "Why are you here?" Avery says Faith must like spending time with people other than her family. Faith says, "Dylan." Avery makes a speech about them getting married and becoming a family. When Faith stays quiet, Avery breaks out cookies. Faith throws one.

In Istanbul, Phyllis and Jack get frisky before having traditional food served to them in the room. They turn down alcohol for coffee. The server drinks the alcohol shots as they laugh. After, they get massages and Jack asks Phyllis to live with him when they get back. He presses her to embark on a new adventure. She agrees.

Michael arrives home to find Lauren in a red dress. She kisses him, but he notices it's not right. Lauren thinks they can do this. They pour wine and slow dance. When Michael kisses her neck, she flashes to Carmine and pushes him away. They bicker about whether they can reconnect. Lauren insists they can get through anything, but Michael tells her, "You flinch at my touch." She wants to try harder, but he thinks they're flailing in the deep end before they go under.

At the ranch, Victor tells Nikki that Newman stock is up, and then turns his attention to her. She hopes for a drama-free dinner. Victor says he told the children to be on their best behavior.

At On The Boulevard, Adam greets Victor and Nikki, wishing her a happy birthday. Nikki tells Adam she's glad he's there - and that he's working with Victor. Adam gifts Nikki with a bird of peace statue. Katherine arrives, confused as to where Murphy is at. Nikki says she's been worried - she didn't come to their wedding. Kay says she forgot and explains the doctors found something - they'll take care of it and she'll be like new. Dr. Costner passes by and checks in with Nikki. She and Kay laugh at being two old broads falling apart.

At home, Vikki rants to Billy about Adam being at her mother's birthday dinner. She then calms down and says it's the hormones - she'll behave and will let Newman go.

Billy and Victoria arrive at Nikki's party and Vikki is polite to Adam. Billy is left with him at the bar and Adam mentions his wife's performance. He wonders how long before she aims her rage in his direction. Nick arrives and shares chuckles with Victor and Nikki. Adam jokes they should make sure none of the diners have guns. Vikki insists Victor recognize Billy defusing the bomb at the reception. Things get tense. Victoria announces she will return to Newman to work with Victor - it's in her blood. She looks pointedly at Adam. Later, Victor and Adam discuss Victoria's announcement. Victor thinks it's good for Newman. Adam gets a drink from Carmine. Michael appears and orders a double. Carmine smiles and texts Lauren to tell him there's hope. He receives a text back that she could use a friend. Carmine smiles and tops up Michael's drink.

Nick returns home just as a relieved Avery realizes Faith is asleep. She tells him his daughter hates her.

At home, Vikki asks Billy if he's going to freak out. He rants about her sacrificing their family on the Newman altar. Vikki insists Adam will turn on her father. Billy says Victor will figure it out. They bicker over whether it's an addiction for her. Billy asks her to cash in her chips and push away from the table. Vikki says he can't shame her into not getting what she wants.

At the ranch, Nikki tells Victor that Victoria's project with Billy was a baby - maybe she's changed her mind. Nikki's afraid Vikki's replacing her dreams with Victor's dreams.

Billy joins Adam and Michael at Carmine's bar and a man he knows shows up with a deck of cards.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan calls Avery to meet him - he needs to talk.

Lauren opens her door to Carmine.

Victoria tells Victor, "He wants you to believe you can trust him so he can move in for the kill." Victor hollers, "You think I'd allow that boy to run roughshod over me? Are you kidding or what?"

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