At the shoot, after Dru plummets over the edge to the water below, Lily screams in the background as Sharon holds on to the edge of the cliff for dear life! Phyllis yells for Sharon to grab her hand, and Sharon cries, "Phyllis, help me!" Lily continues to scream for her mom, but Daniel holds her back. Suddenly, Phyllis grabs Sharon's arm, but Sharon is slipping, "Phyllis, please don't let me die!"

Phyllis instructs Sharon to reach with her other hand and promises, "I will not let go of you!" Although scared, on the count of three, with Daniel and Lily trying to help too, Sharon tries to grab Phyllis's hand and falls to the water below! "No," Phyllis screams!

In Victor's office, Brad shows Vikki photos of all the land he bought up within Jack's Clear Springs project. Vikki asks why he didn't vote for Nikki in the first place, "Then we wouldn't have to worry about any of this. I'll never understand why you voted for Neil."

At Newman, after Dru dropped the line on his cell, Neil screams for Dru, hears Lily screaming and begs for someone to pick up the phone! Jack tries to get Phyllis on the line too. Just as Jack and Neil are leaving Newman, Jack gets a call from Daniel, "Dru and Sharon? No!" Neil begs for Jack to tell him what's going on! After hearing the news, Neil calls search and rescue, then tells Lily he's on his way. Just as Jack and Neil step in the elevator, Jack screams for Vikki to call the police, "Something happened at the shoot!" Back in Victor's office, Vikki tells Brad about the accident, then watches as Brad rushes to call the police!

At the shoot, search and rescue show up and instruct everyone to relocate to a diner. Although Lily screams that she wants to go after Dru, Daniel tries to calm her while Phyllis gets the car.

On the drive to the shoot, Jack wonders what's directly below the cliffs and Neil answers, "The river."

When Nick, Noah and Summer arrive at Crimson Lights, Noah sees Lauren and runs over to say hi, causing Nick to think back on the secret Michael and Lauren kept about Shelia. Nick approaches and halts Noah when he asks Lauren to come to the wedding, "Lauren has plans that day."

Suddenly, Phyllis calls Nick, "I don't know how to tell you this It's Sharon, there's been an accident." Through tears, Phyllis cries, "She went over the cliff." After asking, "Is she" looking at a smiling Noah, fear washes over Nick's face After Nick hangs up, he tells Lauren about Sharon and Dru, agrees to leave Noah and Summer with Lauren, then races to the location

Still at the coffeehouse, Lauren gets a call from Vikki and assures her that she'll keep Noah away from the television and internet. After she hangs up, Lauren tells Noah, "When we get home, no TV or radio. I want to make sure the babies sleep." Back at the apartment, when Lauren suggests they draw Noah's favorite superhero, Noah brings up Summer and Fen's kidnapping, "In my picture my superhero will save them this time!" Although she tries to occupy Noah, he insists on calling Nick

Still at Newman, when Brad tries to go to the shoot, Vikki stops him and says, "I know you love me, and I know how you feel about her. I know this is killing you, but you have no business being there."

When Phyllis, Lily and Daniel get to the diner, Maggie is there to question them. Just then, Neil and Jack come in demanding to know what happened! Lily explains her view of it, "They started arguing, Phyllis and Sharon, then mom tried to help Sharon." Neil is furious and scream, "This happened because of Phyllis!" Neil stomps over to Phyllis, "What did you do?" Phyllis is in shock and Daniel screams, "She tried to help!" However, Neil continues screaming at Phyllis with fury!

Just then, Nick arrives and Phyllis runs into his arms and says, "I tried" Maggie comes over and informs them that Sharon and Dru are nowhere to be found on the cliff. As Nick goes with Maggie to view a map, Phyllis explains what happened to Jack, "She let go" Jack takes Phyllis in his arms.

Neil briefly calls Devon with directions, then takes Lily's hands. "Mom must be so scared." Neil smiles and tells Lily a story of Dru's strength. Afterwards, Lily asks, "What if I never get to tell her I heard that story?"

Talking with Maggie, Jack asks, "How long do you think Dru and Sharon could survive in that water?" Calmly, Maggie informs them of the falls, the coldness and the fast current of the water. "The falls! You think they already went over the falls?" Although Maggie doesn't admit it, she doesn't look optimistic of their survival.

Later, Nick explains the rescue team's plan to Phyllis. In tears, Phyllis cries, "If I could change what happened" Although Nick tells her not to blame herself, Phyllis says, "I had her wrists, the look on her face, she was so scared! This is my fault! I promised her I would hang on!" Just then, Noah calls Nick to say he made a superhero comic book, "Can you come get me? Lauren's house is kind of boring." Nick claims to be in a meeting and says he'll be there when he can. After Nick hangs up, he worries about Noah finding out about Sharon and Phyllis says, "He can't lose his mother." Suddenly news comes over Maggie's radio saying that a woman has been removed from the water close to the falls!

Still at Newman, Vikki and Brad watch the news as they hear that a woman was pulled out of the water. Brad calls Nick and listens as everyone at the lodge demands to know which one of the women was found. Just then, everyone looks to the ceiling as they hear a helicopter fly overhead...

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Daniel, Lily & Phyllis talk to the police.

Michael hears about the accident involving Sharon.

Friends & family pull together for support.