At home, Billy debates with Delia about sock colors and tells Vikki, "Socks, screaming, spaghetti on the ceiling! If the fertility treatments work we can have even more of this." Vikki wonders if he's having second thoughts about having a baby. Billy reassures her - he's only worried about what she'll have to go through. Vikki thinks a baby is worth the risk.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Chelsea that her husband is improving every day. She says their marriage is over and all information should now go to Sharon Newman.

In a suite at the Club, Carmine disrobes for a shower.

Michael arrives home to pick up clothes. Lauren tells him she wants her family and husband back - it shouldn't have taken separation papers to make her realize what she was doing. He says she'll have to put in the work to get to the bottom of this. Her phone rings - it's Carmine. She ignores it and tells Michael she'll go to counseling. Carmine calls again. He tells Lauren he's got her favorite wine and their favorite suite for one last night together. Lauren lies to Michael about a work emergency. Michael's understanding.

Kevin and Chloe bicker at Crimson Lights over selling the stolen donation items. Kevin says it's complicated. Chloe wants the stuff gone before Katherine shows up for a latte and sees it. Chloe grills Kevin about his connections. They argue. Chloe says she never expected their marriage to be like this. Once alone, Kevin makes a call trying to fence the items - Michael overhears. Kevin lies that they're putting a new fence up at the house and deflects Michael's questions. Michael tells him Lauren is willing to save their marriage. Kevin's relieved.

Cane arrives at the Chancellor Estate to support Katherine. She says she'll tell her loved ones once she knows what's going on. Jill appears and answers the phone. She learns that the charitable foundation never received their donation box. She asks Katherine if she forgot. Kay says she didn't forget and frets that there were expensive items involved. Jill reminds her she agreed to drop them off. Cane is sure the items will turn up. Jill exits and Cane reassures Katherine who is upset she forgot about the charity. Katherine asks about Lily - he hasn't been talking about her. Cane comments on her powers of observation. She says he should be at home, not with her. Jill returns. She's decided the items were stolen by Adriana and wants her fired. Kay hollers, "Not without proof!" After, Katherine admits to Cane she's not sure if Adriana could be responsible.

At work, Chelsea tells Chloe that Adam woke up. They discuss how he woke up when she told him he was going to be a father - he didn't realize she was in the room and asked for Sharon. Chelsea says Victoria may have overheard her. They speculate on whether she'd tell Adam. Suddenly, Vikki and Billy appear to drop Delia off. Delia blurts, "When can I see the new baby?" Awkwardness ensues. After they leave, Chelsea tells Chloe, "Victoria knows." Chloe disagrees. Chelsea frets about Adam taking the baby away. Chloe leaves with Delia and Chelsea has pains. She's scared of losing the baby.

At home, Vikki worries to Billy about Delia blurting out about a baby. Billy thinks she's being paranoid - Chelsea and Chloe were clueless. Vikki rants about Chelsea not being trustworthy and mentions Newman. Billy shows her the headlines about Sharon running Newman. Vikki hollers that she has to be stopped. Billy doesn't think she can handle a corporate war while doing fertility treatments. He wonders if she's willing to give it up. She chooses the baby, but when Billy goes upstairs she looks at the headline again.

Lauren arrives at the suite and Carmine pours the wine. Lauren stammers about the one last night. He says she doesn't owe him any explanation and talks about his heart being battered last year and her making it go away. She acknowledges they were there for each other and feels they should leave it at that. He needs her one more time. She allows him to seduce her.

Chloe arrives at the coffee house where Kevin has sold the items and has the money. He kisses her.

Michael gets home and looks at the legal separation papers.

Chelsea arrives at the hospital doubled-over and tells a nurse she may be losing her baby.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Michael tells Paul that Lauren never came home last night.

Carmine asks Lauren, "You don't come home and he's cool with it?" She says, "He trusts me."

Adam tells Chelsea, "It's okay. I know."

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