Billy and Victoria are out for dinner. She's already eating for two. They discuss how another baby will bring them closer. She gushes about babies and how much she wants her kid to have a sibling. They joke about naming the kid Victor. He worries that the fertility treatments might fail. She says that's okay. Across the room, Katherine is with Cane. She admits she thinks she has Alzheimer's. He thinks she should speak to a doctor. She tells him about her memory problems. She's horrified that she will soon forget the people she loves. He says she might just have Lyme disease. She insists she doesn't have another tic. He prods her to see a doctor.

Cane takes Katherine to the hospital. She says she will call him when she's finished and sends him away. Katherine tries giving herself a pep talk but can't remember the president's name. Down the hall, Chloe drops by to see Chelsea. They discuss the coma case's will. Chelsea assumes that Victor is off counting his billions rather than holding vigil for his son. She turns to complaining about Sharon and then beats herself up for how she treated Adam. "What if he dies never knowing that I love him… never knowing that he's going to be a father?" she worries. Chloe urges her to try telling him now. Chelsea heads into Adam's room alone and tells him he's going to be a dad. Meanwhile, Billy and Victoria arrive at the hospital and he starts pacing as they wait for their appointment. Then they discuss baby names until they bump into Chloe. She starts taunting Victoria about Adam. Billy tells her he'd like to spend more time with Delia. Victoria wanders down the hall and manages to eavesdrop on Chelsea talking to Adam about being pregnant. Her jaw drops.

Dylan is drinking at Bar U. The lady bartender wonders who he is drinking to forget. Some dude starts coming on to her. Dylan tells him to back off. "You gonna make me?" says the dude. Dylan advises him to back off so the guy teases him about being a loser. Dylan pounds him.

At the office, Lily tries talking business with Tyler. He fills her in about the trial. His father has cost him his mother and sister. The misery led him to graffiti. He blames Avery for turning his sister against him. Lily's not sure he hates his father as much as he claims. She thinks he can't let go of his hate. Ty thinks she's wrong. She pushes him to admit that his dad loves him. Lily asks what his real name is. It's Davis Rogan. When she gives him a hug, Cane walks in and flips out.

Avery gets home and finds that Nick has prepared a romantic dinner for her. They chat about Adam and toast to getting into a new routine. When she slips away to change, he takes out a ring. Later, all of her favorite dishes are delivered. At the end, he pulls out an E-Z Bake oven cake. She's impressed. He's about to ask her something when the bartender calls her to say that Dylan has been arrested.

Genoa City Spoilers for Monday on The Young and the Restless:

"What do you know about Congressman Marcus Wheeler?" Paul asks Jack.

"He's in a coma and you're taking advantage of this!" Victor accuses Chelsea.

"That lady is married!" Cane yelps at Tyler.

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