Victor returns Adam's wedding gift to his house. Adam quips, "Somebody else get you the same thing?" They spar about the dead hooker. Victor reminds Adam that he dumped the body. Adam says this is just a lot of noise - he has no proof. Victor muses that he had proof, he'd use it - after the wedding. Once alone, Adam phones someone. "I need you to do something for me."

Chelsea and Dylan rip each other's clothes off in his room. She gapes at his hot body. After sex, Dylan gasps, "Wow!" He tells her he's not one of those guys, but he clearly wanted this. Chelsea agrees - they know what this was...and wasn't. As they dress they agree they don't usually do this and it's very awkward. He says they were in the right place at the right time for each other. She kisses him and leaves.

In Milwaukee, Avery reassures Leslie, who prepares to see her father. Avery has to step out to take a call from Nick who is upset she took off and wants her to make it back for his parents' wedding. Meanwhile, Neil talks down a panicking Leslie. Avery reappears and tells Leslie she needs to know the truth. Neil steps out and Gus is brought in to sit across from Avery and Leslie. Avery leaves them. Gus tells Leslie that 'Valerie' was the name of one of her mother's favorite camp counselors - that's how she got her name. Leslie tells him she saw him standing over her mother, shaking her. He reaches for her hand and she runs out. Avery looks in at his face and then argues with Leslie to go back and hear him out. Neil offers support. Leslie goes back in and asks Gus why he killed her mom. Leslie runs out and tells Avery he didn't do it. "I can see it in his eyes." Avery goes in and Gus thanks her.

Vikki and Nikki enthuse about the wedding at the ranch. Vikki promises everything will be perfect. Nick arrives and they all talk about a surprise. Nikki thinks they should scale it back. Vikki won't hear of it.

At the Club, Vikki gives Nick a to-do list. Nick spots Wheeler talking to his henchman. Wheeler tells him not to forget about the endgame - Victor Newman. Nick rejoins Vikki and speculates about bad blood between Wheeler and Victor. He thinks Wheeler is leaning on Victor to get Avery to drop the case. Nick thinks Wheeler has something on Victor. Vikki wonders if it has to do with Stephanie - Wheeler's dead daughter. Adam arrives and greets his big bro and big sis. They warn him not to cause trouble at the wedding - Nikki's in a vulnerable place. Adam meets a woman at the bar who tells him he's right - Victor knows something critical. She says his P.I. has a witness who saw him dump the body. Adam realizes he'll try to blackmail him out of Newman.

Dylan and Chelsea run into each other at Crimson Lights. She teases him about following her. He says he's probably going back to Chicago. She tells him he's a good guy. He says the guy who ended it with her is an idiot, and leaves. Chelsea's still beaming when Chloe appears. "You've had sex!" Chelsea denies it, but Chloe wants to know who it was - the doorman at the Club? Chelsea won't discuss it. Chloe tells her she found her baby daddy.

At the ranch, Nikki sighs about memories. Victor says he wouldn't want to go back. They joke about the last night of being single. Nikki tells him Victoria's trying to out-do him in the surprise department. Victor says it will be the last time they wed. Nikki wants just family and friends. Victor gives her diamond earrings for tomorrow.

Back at his room, Dylan can't find the St. Christopher medallion.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Jack looks at the trip itinerary and hollers, "Ready to go?" Ashley appears. "I just got here."

Wheeler tells his henchman the wedding should be starting within the hour. The man says everything is in place.

Billy asks Victor, "Aren't you going to let us in?" Victor asks, "Who's us?" Billy says he brought a surprise guest.

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