At Crimson Lights, Chloe is complaining about overdue bills to Alex. She asks why he’s not back in New York. Alex tells him his sister is Adriana. Chloe knows her name so must have taken the money from her. They start over. Alex introduces himself, saying it’s a pleasure. Chloe can’t say the same. Alex quips, "Not yet." They talk about Delia and his life as a cop over coffee. Chloe realizes he misses it and softens toward him.

At home, Lauren reminds Michael she wasn’t even sure she wanted to reconcile a few days ago and makes an excuse to leave. Outside the door, she calls someone she needs to see.

At Jabot, Phyllis agrees to try things with Jack, who wants to celebrate. She warns they need to pace themselves. She learns of the Hawaiian vacation he has planned, but he has to attend to business. Kyle enters. Phyllis shares her doubts about getting involved with Jack so soon after rehab. Kyle says she’s just what he needs. Summer appears as Phyllis says Kyle is sweet. Jack reappears and Summer suggests Kyle show her around. Kyle takes her in the hall and passes her off to someone else. After, Phyllis wants to discuss this trip idea. Jack tells Phyllis they deserve this getaway and even offers separate rooms. Phyllis says she’d rather go to Istanbul before kissing him. Kyle enters, followed by Summer. Phyllis takes her shopping. Jack tells Kyle to go ahead and say, "I told you so."

At the hospital, Abby has brought a yogi to perform Victor and Nikki’s next ceremony. Victor doesn’t want to chant, but puts on beads. The yogi talks about mind, body, and spirit and past lives together. Abby joins in their kiss at the end. After, Victor steps out and Nikki thanks Abby for being so kind to her and helping Victor since she returned. Abby tells her it’s great to see people in love. Victor enters with the doctor, who says, "I dig the beads." He has Nikki’s test results. She asks if she can go home. Abby goes. The doctor says Nikki’s numbers have stabilized, but she’ll need medication and a holistic diet. Nikki’s relieved to go home.

Nikki and Victor arrive at the ranch. She wants to 'honeymoon' upstairs, but Victor thinks she should get her strength back. He suggests tomorrow for their big wedding. He steps out and Nikki gets a pain while reaching for her phone.

At the Club bar, Dylan and Chelsea discuss their pasts. She says she’s from everywhere and nowhere. Lauren arrives and meets Carmine’s eyes. Paul appears. He and Lauren sit down and she opens up about Michael trying too hard. Paul asks if she’d like a drink – she keeps looking at the bartender. Meanwhile, Chelsea remarks to Dylan that he has some decisions to make. She admits she thought about taking off too. Behind them, Michael arrives. Paul tells him Lauren left for the office. Michael confides things aren’t like they were before. Paul suggests he give Lauren time. Talk turns to Paul being appointed Chief of Police. Michael encourages him to accept. Paul spots Alex on his way out and introduces himself as the new Chief of Police – he hires Alex. Abby arrives, orders champagne, and kisses Alex upon hearing he’s on the force. She convinces him to be her 'plus one' at the wedding.

Lauren arrives home to an empty apartment and texts Carmine to say sorry for not being able to say hello earlier. Michael arrives and they discuss how awkward things have been.

Chelsea and Dylan arrive at his room and she wishes him luck as he unlocks the door. He grabs her and kisses her passionately.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Vikki asks Nick what has him so preoccupied. He says he thinks Wheeler and Dad are up to something.

Chelsea and Dylan have sex.

Leslie’s father apologizes. She asks why he killed Mom.

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