At The Underground, Avery goes into the back and comes face-to-face with Dylan. She drops what she's holding and sags against the doorjamb. She gasps, "Is this real?" He assures her it is. She says they told her he died. He knows, and says it's a long story. Meanwhile, Nikki arrives at the club and greets Victoria. Neil and Leslie enter. Leslie makes a beeline for Tyler and tells him Wheeler recognized her at Jabot. Nick goes to the back and sees that Mac met his girlfriend, Avery. He asks Avery to join Vikki and his mother. Mac tells Nick he can stay. Avery and Nick walk away.

At home, Lauren and Michael debate about Jamie's accusation that Fen pushed him off the roof. They begin to argue about what Fen is capable of, and Michael says he saw him lose his temper with Summer - he thought he was going to hit her. Michael's worried he's like him. Lauren says Fen's not capable of being like that, and says if he thinks Fen is, she doesn't even know him anymore! Later, Fen comes home and Michael brings up Jamie possibly pressing charges. Fen treats it like a joke and then asks if Michael would put him in jail. Michael asks if he did it. Fen says he'd only believe Jamie anyway. He taunts Michael about going to prison for trying to rape someone. Michael tells Fen he knows nothing about what it took to change. He admits he's scared for Fen. Fen is appalled. "You think I'm like you." Lauren listens as Michael says he'd do anything he could to make sure that didn't happen.

Back behind the bar at The Underground, Mac makes an excuse to Noah about his prior emergency. Nearby, Tyler tells Leslie about Avery's appeal. Nick and Avery join Tyler, but Avery walks away. Nick follows. "What's wrong?" She pretends she's fine. Nick joins Nikki and Vikki. Nikki apologizes for Victor not showing, and tells them the wedding's postponed. Mac finds Avery in the back and tells her he knows it's confusing, but he came back for her. Leslie interrupts. Mac tries to get Avery to leave with him. She says later he can explain - she has to go back in. She rejoins Nick, and Noah tells Mac he saw him talking to Avery. Mac covers. Meanwhile, Leslie asks Avery about her case, but Avery won't talk. Neil and Leslie head out. She tells him she has to stop by the office. At the bar, Mac tells Avery it seemed like a good way to tell her he was alive. Mac asks her to meet him at the motel, but she can't tonight. She shows him their rock and cries. After, Nick says she's pale and takes her home.

At the penthouse, Victor's frustrated that his investigator hasn't found something incriminating on Marcus Wheeler yet. He's interested to hear he met with Avery at home. Victor wants the court transcripts and to find out if Wheeler wants something kept hidden. Once alone, Victor does an online search on Wheeler. The ad for The Underground opening pops up. Nikki arrives and says she stopped by Nick's nightclub, it was spectacular. He asks about her trip to Chicago. She says the hospital wanted her input on a charity event. Victor doesn't want to postpone the wedding - he wants to get the judge there tonight. Nikki persuades him to wait until the new ranch is built. Nikki goes upstairs and Vikki stops in. She lectures Victor about accepting Nick's new venture. Vikki says Adam and Sharon were at the opening. Vikki mocks Adam, but Victor points out that he was the one who wrested control from Jack. Vikki vows to put him out. Victor is pleased. Later, Nikki plays piano and seems to have issues with her hands.

At Jabot, Leslie tells Tyler that Avery couldn't get away from her fast enough. Tyler wonders if she knows who they are. They worry about 'him' getting out of prison.

At Avery's place, Nick knows something is wrong. She begs off, saying she's tired and unwell. Avery tells him it was an amazing night she'll never forget. He goes and she gasps, paces, and sobs.

Dylan places the rock into his drawer at the motel.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Cane says to Lily, "Poor Tyler. The player's got a crush on the gorgeous girl at work."

Alex says to Noah, "They care about the money. You know who else does? Guys who really don't know how to play nice."

Avery tells Dylan, "You don't get to hold me and talk to me like this." He asks, "How else should I talk to you when I'm in love with you?"

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