At The Underground, Tyler tells Nick the city has been covered with publicity - the opening will be stellar. Nick calls Avery, who says she's getting ready and will be there soon.

Avery answers a knock at her door - it's Marcus Wheeler. She assumes he's there about her case. He says she's defending a man who killed a woman who worked in his campaign office. She believes he's innocent. Wheeler says he's concerned about the effect on his office if he sent an innocent man to prison. Avery asks if he wants to help. He wants his people kept up-to-date. Avery's resistant. Wheeler says he expects to hear from her soon.

In his room, Dylan thinks back on an exchange he and Avery had about a special rock. He told her it would be his lucky charm. He pockets it and leaves.

Sharon hammers on Adam's door. He lets her in. She reminds him about the nightclub opening. He doesn't want to go. Sharon tries to talk him into going to The Underground. He mutters that it will be crawling with Newmans. She wants him to come so Nick can see that them working together isn't so bad. She tells him to change into something that makes him look like a master of the universe.

Alex arrives at the tackhouse and grills Noah about why he called yesterday. He hollers that Adriana is playing him for a fool. Noah says this whole thing seems more personal than professional with him. Alex threatens to charge him with obstruction and leaves. Adriana appears. Noah tells her to take the money and disappear - he's not going with her. They bicker about Alex. Noah says he can't trust her. She kisses him and goes.

At Jabot, Neil cozies up to Leslie, talking about the dress she'll wear to the opening and how he'll take it off her smokin' hot body. They make out until she reminds him they're at the office. They agree to meet at the GCAC for dinner before the opening later. Once alone, Leslie runs into Marcus Wheeler at the elevator. He calls her Valerie. She tells him Jack's gone for the day.

Chelsea and Cane meet at the Club. He tries to look at her designs but she says they're not ready. She relents - he can stay for a drink if he promises not to peek. He teases her about lashing out yesterday and urges her to follow her passion. Cane promises Neil will be impressed with her designs. Neil arrives as they're laughing and chatting. Cane tells him about Chelsea's impressive designs. Neil takes Cane aside and angrily tells him he overstepped. Cane urges him to give her a chance. Neil tells Chelsea they're not ready to meet with designers. Cane whispers to Chelsea that he'll fight for her. Leslie arrives and seems agitated. Neil asks what's going on. She just wants to go to the nightclub to support Tyler.

Vikki arrives at The Underground, and says Billy's swamped with work. She and Nick discuss their parents. Vikki is introduced to 'Mac'. Tyler appears and says the line is around the block. Nick's excited. Noah arrives. Nick goes to let the people in and Mac sees a text from Avery on his phone - she's on the way. Sharon and Adam enter. Nick and Adam act civil, so Sharon goes to see Noah and spots Mac - they joke about her coffee spill. After, Mac flashes to a memory of Avery giving him the rock as he works. Avery arrives and greets Nick happily. Mac watches as they go to have a toast. Mac puts the rock on the bar and tells Noah he has to go. Nick and Avery return. Noah says Mac took off. Avery notices the rock and asks where he went. She makes her way to the back room and drops what she's holding when she sees Mac and he says her name.

Adrian runs into Alex at the Club. He says this ends now. She's glad it's over - she's been scared for so long. She throws herself into his arms and he rolls his eyes. Adriana pulls a gun on him and handcuffs him to the railing before taking off.

Sharon and Adam arrive at the Club as Chelsea sits alone thinking of Adam's advice not to knock herself. She takes off as they laugh about the opening and Nick and Victoria.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Leslie tells Tyler she saw Wheeler and he knew exactly who she was.

Victor asks a man why Congressman Wheeler would make a house call to Avery Clark.

Mac tells Avery she's so beautiful. Nick appears and tells Avery he's been looking everywhere for her.

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