Tyler stops Cane and Lily as they're leaving Jabot to meet Chelsea. He says Jack wants to meet with him and Lily. Cane tells Lily to go ahead; he'll go meet Chelsea and try to stall the meeting until she can get there. Lily and Tyler get trapped in the elevator. He begins to panic. She asks if he's claustrophobic. He says it's like that, but comes when something's wrong. Lily tries to calm him. Tyler shakily opens up about being in a bad situation when he was a kid. He talks about being scared and staying hidden - he got through it by playing make-believe. Lily tells him they're in a starship. They make up names for themselves. He says she's saving his life. Soon, they're out.

At the Club, Leslie and Neil discuss Jabot. Neil's fine with everything, but thinks Leslie's distracted. She says he's paranoid, but Neil says he's noticed a shift in her behavior. Leslie reassures him he's not the cause. She talks about people reinventing themselves to get away from the past. Leslie says her mother died when she was young and her father was abusive. Neil's there for her when she wants to say more. She makes an excuse and says goodnight, and then returns to tease him about giving up so easily. They go upstairs and make love. After, Leslie seems distant.

Cane arrives at the Restless Style building to find Chelsea crying. He's kind and says they'll chalk it up to tears of excitement. Cane loves her designs so much he has a hard time believing they're hers. She's offended. Cane apologizes - he meant they look professional and asks how she learned to draw like that. She explains she's self-taught. Cane says he wants to make her dreams come true. Chelsea watches him as he leaves Lily a message. Anita appears. Chelsea fills her in. Anita grins as Chelsea and Cane finish up. Once alone, Chelsea tells Anita she's still married, and so is he. Anita sees nothing wrong with a revenge roll in the hay - she needs to find another man.

Summer finds Fen at Crimson Lights. She heard he was the one who pushed Jamie off the roof. He scoffs at her thinking he could do that and says she's messed up everything. They argue about whether he was in love with her. He insists he did, but she used him. Summer admits she was selfish, but she's grown up. She asks again if he pushed Jamie. Fen won't waste his time responding.

At Michael's place, he and Paul ask Jamie about what happened on the roof. Lauren wants Jamie to tell them Fen had nothing to do with it. Michael prompts her to be calm. Jamie is about to talk when Fen slams in. "Tell them I didn't push you." Jamie leaves with Paul. Lauren and Michael tell Fen they know he was on the roof. Michael demands the truth. Fen tells him to go to hell.

At Crimson Lights, Paul and Jamie discuss Fen. Paul wants to understand. Jamie says the bullying never stops - on his phone, in his face. Paul wants to be a friend. Summer appears. Paul leaves them alone. Summer asks Jamie if Fen pushed him. He says Fen is completely responsible - and so is she. Summer tells Jamie she bullied him because of Ronan breaking up her family. Summer says she didn't use him to make Fen jealous - he's warped. Lauren appears. Summer goes. Lauren tells Jamie to stop lying or this will blow up in his face. Jamie tells her to open her eyes about Fen. Paul intervenes. Lauren wonders if Fen could have done it. Paul reassures her. After, Summer tells Paul she wishes she could take it all back.

At home, Michael tells Fen they have to get to he bottom of this. Fen feels he's impossible to talk to. "You chose Jamie over me! I will never forgive you for that!" Michael reassures him of his love. Fen says Jamie is trying to hurt him. Later, Jamie comes by to tell Michael he's going back to foster care. When Michael take a call, Fen corners Jamie to 'have it out'. Michael returns to find them fighting. Jamie says Fen is a monster and he wants to press charges. Lauren has arrived and tells Jamie to stop lying!

At the Club bar, Chelsea orders wine and then runs into Cane on her way out. Lily and Tyler arrive and tell Cane about the elevator. Tyler tells Cane he's lucky and thanks Lily for the intergalactic fantasizing. After, Lily tells Cane she wishes she was stuck in an elevator with him. They kiss.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Adam tells Sharon he has a lot of work to do. She asks if he thinks that will help him forget about Chelsea.

Victoria tells Nick something's missing. He asks what. She says, "Avery. Where is she?"

In The Underground back room, Dylan/Mac comes face-to-face with Avery.

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