Chelsea runs into Alex at the Club. They flirt and she agrees to have a drink with him sometime - she tells him she is registered at the hotel.

At The Underground, Avery is taken aback when Nick says the new bartender invented a drink called 'The Ripcord', and that his name is Mac. They toast to a great opening and Nick mentions Victor's visit.

Dylan wakes up from a bad dream in his motel room and checks that the engagement ring's still there.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin and Chloe are discussing the disappearing duffle bag when Alex enters. Kevin asks questions, but gets the brush off. Eden mentions to Kevin and Chloe that she told Adriana where they lived. They realize she took the money.

Noah tells Adriana, at the tackhouse, that he can't just leave - he has to work at his dad's opening. Adriana agrees to wait. He tells her to go to the Club, and stops her from taking the money with her by saying he doesn't want her to go to prison. She leaves the bag with him. Noah calls Alex to come over. When Alex arrives, Noah pretends he's not there.

Jack proudly returns to his Jabot office. John appears and welcomes him home. Jack starts talking about his business plans. John cautions him about driving too hard and suggests he bring the Abbott family back together again. Billy and Kyle arrive. Jack asks Billy to work with him and Kyle there. Billy looks at John's photo and agrees.

Chelsea is admiring the Restless Style space when Gloria arrives, saying she wants to be evaluated for a position based on her talent. She cites her success at Jabot and Gloworm. Chloe arrives and after a brief exchange, they hire her. Once alone, Chloe tells Chelsea her idea to save her and Kevin blew up in their face.

Neil comes upon Leslie and Tyler discussing an article on his tablet. Cane, Leslie, and Devon appear, talking about a big meeting with Jack. Tyler says he wasn't invited and leaves. They all join Jack, Kyle, and Billy in the office. Jack talks about the future. Neil says they all want to know if they have to wear suits and ties. Jack shrugs, "What the hell..." Jack asks Neil about staying on. Neil says he'd bring his team to the new division and agrees to stay. Later, Jack gets Billy's approval for Phyllis to be involved. Billy asks about hiring Chelsea. Jack's impressed with her designs and thanks Billy. Later, Kyle and Jack have a bonding moment.

At the penthouse, Victor takes a call from Wheeler pressuring him to get Avery to drop her case. Victor assures him he'll take care of it. Soon, Avery arrives. Victor questions her about the case. She says the man has spent twelve years in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Victor's intrigued.

Tyler enters the Club and spots Wheeler at the bar. He turns to leave, but then decides to chat with Wheeler, who thinks Tyler looks familiar. Tyler says they met once. Wheeler leaves. Neil and Leslie join Tyler. Neil steps away and Tyler tells Leslie he talked to Wheeler - he didn't recognize him. He suggests they tell him who they are - he can see to it the bastard never gets out. Neil reappears and asks who they're talking about.

Dylan/Mac shows up at The Underground to practice mixing drinks. Nick sends him to the back and Avery returns. Nick tells her Mac is there and asks her to do taste tests. They kiss. Mac sees them making out and leaves. After, Nick guesses Mac took off. His journal sits on the bar.

Billy walks up the hall of Jabot and finds Cane and Lily kissing. He tells them about partnering with Chloe and Chelsea. Lily sighs over Chloe being back in their lives.

Jack arrives home to an empty house. John appears, recalling how the house was once full of life. Jack leaves Ashley a message about making things right.

At the penthouse, Victor tells Wheeler that Avery insists on pursuing her case. Wheeler needs this dealt with. Victor sees him out and then calls someone to get the scoop on the case and keep him informed.

Back at the motel, Dylan gazes at the ring.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Neil tells Leslie she seems a little distracted, troubled...

Lily asks Tyler, "What's wrong?" He replies, "Nothing."

Summer tells Fen she heard he was the one that pushed Jamie off of that roof.

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