At The Underground, Nick takes a call from Avery and asks if she got that murder conviction overturned yet. She says it's a twelve year-old case and will take time. Victor arrives looking to speak to Avery. Nick says she's out of town, but will be back at the opening. Victor wants to talk to her alone. Nick questions him. Victor lies that he has a colleague who needs her expertise.

Victoria wonders why Nikki seems down at the Club. Nikki complains about Newman Enterprises. She's worried about Victor. Victoria reassures her. Nikki says sometimes the unexpected happens - no one is guaranteed a happy future. Vikki wonders if she's having second thoughts about marrying Victor. Nikki claims Valentine's Day is just too soon. Vikki teases her and tells her not to worry.

Sharon spills coffee all over Dylan McAvoy at Crimson Lights. He's very nice about it and asks for directions to The Underground. She asks if he's looking for Nick. Dylan says he's someone he thought he should meet. Dylan introduces himself as Mac. Sharon tells him Nick's a good guy. Dylan sits to write and Eden chats him up. He drops his photo of Avery and quickly picks it up.

Billy shows Chelsea around at Restless Style. She says Chloe had some sort of emergency, but they want the building. They discuss her break-up. Billy says she's better off without Adam. Billy questions Chelsea and Chloe working together making 'frocks'. She shows him her designs. He says they're really good frocks.

Sharon awakens Adam on the office sofa. She chastises him for working all night. He rushes home to get ready for an important meeting.

Out of town, Avery gets tough with someone named Lloyd by phone. She tells him she knows exactly what it's like to lose someone she loves.

Dylan arrives at The Underground and introduces himself to Nick as Mac. He offers his services as a contractor and mentions running into his ex-wife. Nick assumes he means Phyllis. Dylan says she was blonde. Nick says he just has the two exes. He asks if 'Mac' would be into tending bar. Soon Mac is behind the bar pouring cocktails and talking to Nick about being in the army. Nick hires him. Later, Avery returns and kisses Nick.

Chelsea finds Adam at home and asks for half a million in start-up costs for her business. Adam writes the check and asks about another chance. She says they're done - he turned her into a sucker.

Adam returns to Newman where Sharon is meeting with the important client. The man tells him she did his job probably better than he would have done. Once alone, Adam asks Sharon to lunch to celebrate. She makes an excuse and leaves.

At the Club, Sharon tells her therapist she feels great. They discuss how she could still slip a little. Sharon's admits she has feelings for Adam. The therapist suggests she could leave Newman, or even date - a romantic involvement with Adam isn't best for her recovery.

Billy arrives home and tells Victoria about Chelsea taking the space and her designs. Victoria wishes she would go to France. Billy says he actually thinks she'd be great for the fashion division. Chelsea arrives with a check. Johnny cries in the monitor. Vikki goes upstairs. She returns saying he's fine - they know all his moods. Chelsea gives Billy designs to show Jack. When Chelsea takes a call, Vikki rails at Billy.

Adam dreams of Chelsea appearing in the office, wanting to get back together. She becomes Sharon, and then Chelsea, and then Sharon... Sharon wakes him up. She advises him about working too much. They discuss Nick and his nightclub. Sharon hints about taking Victor out of the equation. She asks Adam to join her at the opening.

At home, Nikki gets news that rattles her in the mail. Victor appears and asks what happened. Nikki tells him Valentine's Day is too soon for her to pull things together - she needs to postpone the wedding.

In his motel, Dylan looks at Avery's photo and an engagement ring.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

John tells Jack to bring the Abbott family back together again.

Tyler shows Leslie an article on his tablet. She asks, "It's from today?" He says yes, and he couldn't believe it. Neil appears and asks if something's wrong.

Wheeler tells Victor he'd hate for it to come out that he hired his daughter to solicit Jack Abbott.

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