Nick shows Sharon around The Underground. She thinks it's great. They discuss Noah and Adriana. Sharon's glad to be able to give Noah advice. Nick agrees - she seems better. He says he missed her. They talk about Newman. Nick thinks she should leave before Victor returns. Sharon appreciates his concern. They bicker about Adam.

At the Club, Noah tells Adriana that she's off-track thinking Chloe and Kevin have the money. He says even if they did - then what? Adriana says they could go to a beach. Noah thinks it belongs to the cops. Adriana asks if he's talked to Chavez. She says he's a liar and asks Noah if he's spying on her. Noah denies it. She kisses him and leaves. Noah tells Chavez, who calls, that he hasn't seen Adriana.

On the coffee house patio, Chloe and Kevin enthuse about never having to worry about money again. Gloria enters as Kevin leaves. Glo tells Chloe she lost a bundle on her racehorse and wants in on the fashion venture. Chloe says she'll ask Chelsea. Gloria learns Chelsea's divorcing Adam and worries her first collection will be sad and droopy. She drags Chloe out to find Chelsea. Adriana arrives and manages gets Eden to spill where Kevin and Chloe live.

Cane arrives at Katherine's house and realizes she forgot he was coming. Kay says Jill will be sorry to have missed him. He asks about what they discussed on the phone. She asks him to remind her. Cane talks about how he fits in at Jabot. Tucker enters. She also forgot he was coming. Tucker and Cane butt heads. Tucker tells Katherine that he's offered Devon a job. Cane and Tucker bicker until Katherine snaps. Cane goes. Tucker admits he ran Cane off intentionally. He tells Katherine if Devon takes the job, he'll need her help. "I'm leaving Genoa City." Tucker explains he's going to Hong Kong for business. Katherine thinks it's personal, and admits she doesn't want him to leave. Tucker says he forgives her and extracts a promise that she'll take care of herself. After an emotional embrace, he leaves and Katherine cries.

Adam tells Victor, at the penthouse, that Victoria urged him to extend an olive branch. Adam wants to talk straight, father to son. Victor says he wasn't a neglected child and was offered to be part of the family many times. Adam won't go to the board to reinstate him until he respects him enough not to hand him that line. Victor wonders what it will take. Adam says he's offering his company on a silver platter and notes his reaction - what if it had been Nick? Victor says he can take the company back without his help. Adam yells that he's offered him something none of his other children can. Victor thinks Adam is angling to be his successor and barks, "It ain't gonna happen!" Adam vows Victor will never get Newman back. He warns he's younger, stronger, more ruthless, and has nothing to lose. Victor says he's only younger and he's hollow inside. After, Victor calls Victoria and tells her Adam declared open war on him.

At the motel, Dylan McAvoy writes in a journal and looks at an old photo of Avery. He dons a jacket and heads out.

Noah joins Sharon and Nick at The Underground. He assures them he can handle Adriana. Nick and Sharon agree together to back off Noah. Later, Nick gives a supportive speech to Noah.

Adam spots the smashed photos in the trash at home. He calls Sharon to meet him.

Sharon joins Adam in the Newman office. He tells her what happened with Victor. He says he was a fool and won't put himself in that position again - begging him to be his dad. Adam asks Sharon if she wants to help fight Victor, but then worries. Sharon assures him this is karma and she can handle it. Mason listens.

Chloe finds Kevin at Crimson Lights and tells him the money is gone from the house.

Adriana appears at The Underground with the money and asks Noah how fast he can pack.

Mason reports to Victor at the penthouse, saying Sharon relies on her meds and Adam relies on Sharon. Victor decides Sharon must be removed.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Adam asks Chelsea if it means something that she's still there and hasn't left town.

Avery says into the phone that she knows exactly what it's like to lose someone she loves.

Dylan greets Nick at The Underground and tells him to call him 'Mac'.

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