Chelsea is cleaning up at home when Sharon comes to the door. She tells her Adam's at the Club. Sharon says Adam's miserable without her and warns that she's the only person who can save him. She tells Chelsea she might regret not trying harder. Chelsea complains about Adam being Sharon's savior. Sharon agrees she shouldn't have let Adam help her. Chelsea's determined to be stronger than Sharon was.

At Newman, Vikki appears and asks Adam, who's looking at Chelsea's photo, if it's really worth it to lose everything to stick it to their father. She knows he wants their father's love and the family's acceptance, and asks him to put Victor back as CEO. Adam snarks that Victor only has contempt for him. Vikki warns he'll wake up one day and realize he has nothing. Adam says she's learned well at the knee of the master, but it ain't going to work on him. He calls her out on not taking the blame for what the lawsuit did to Newman. She leaves.

At Jabot, Jack tells Billy his plans to go into fashion. Billy cautions that it's a major restructuring. He's concerned Jack will push himself too hard and relapse. Jack listens.

Victor overhears Nikki making a follow-up appointment at the penthouse. He asks why she's calling a doctor. Nikki says it's just a check-up. Victor says he's meeting Marcus Wheeler.

At the Club, Leslie backs up when she spots Marcus Wheeler in the dining room. Neil appears and she rushes off. Victor meets Wheeler and takes credit for keeping the press away from his daughter's story. Wheeler informs Victor he knows he hired her. "You owe me." He wants Victor to get Avery Clark off a case - a twelve year old murder conviction in his district. Victor will see what he can do.

At home, Michael and Lauren argue heatedly about Fen's feelings about them helping Jamie. Michael maintains they can't let Fen off the hook if he hurt Jamie. Lauren asks why he's so determined to blame their son. Michael talks about ignoring warning signs and what might have happened on the roof. He feels obligated to get the truth. Furious, Lauren accuses him of treating Fen worse than a common criminal and storms out.

Leslie arrives at Jabot and tells Tyler she saw Marcus Wheeler - they can't let him recognize them! Tyler says it's been twelve years - he probably wouldn't recognize them, but she can't afford to make Neil suspicious.

Leslie returns to the Club and joins Neil after checking for Wheeler. Neil asks why she ran off earlier. She plays dumb. He thinks she's having second thoughts about being seen together in public. She kisses him.

Jack visits Nikki at home. They discuss his addiction and she gives him advice on recovery. Jack says he took Newman for the wrong reasons. She says John would be proud, and is worried about Victor facing Adam. Victor enters as Jack hugs her. Jack says he's thanking Nikki for muzzling him and leaves. Nikki asks Victor what Wheeler wanted. Victor says he has to pull Avery off a case. She wonders why he owed him a favor. Victor goes back to Jack being there and they bicker.

Chelsea finds Adam at the Club bar and tells him her stuff is being moved out of the house tonight. He says they can still be together. She won't have that argument again, but will take his money since that's all he has to give her. Sharon watches. After, Sharon asks Adam if there's any chance for him and Chelsea. Adam says she won't even stay in their house. Nearby, Carmine serves Lauren. He wonders if she needs to talk about what's bothering her. She can't. Carmine teases that he can read her mind and gets her laughing. Michael arrives and apologizes. They go. Adam and Sharon discuss Newman. She suggests he let Victoria work there to show he wants to be part of the family.

At home, Billy remarks on how alone Adam is right now. They agree to appreciate each other and not put business before family.

Chelsea takes the last of her things from the house.

Adam appears at Victor's door wanting to talk about family.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon looks at The Underground and says to Nick, "You think you know everything there is to know about a person..." He smiles. "I've still got a few surprises left in me."

Adriana says to Noah, "I never said anything about any cops. Noah, are you talking to Chavez behind my back?"

Tucker tells Katherine he's leaving Genoa City.

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