At Chelseas's place, Chloe sees the smashed photos. Chelsea tells her she's cutting her losses - the divorce is back on. Chloe assumes it was Sharon again. Chelsea says it was Newman this time.

Billy arrives at Newman Enterprises and Adam tells him he called an emergency board meeting that morning - a vote was held and the board wants one CEO going forward - Adam. Billy wonders how he pulled it off. Adam says the board didn't forgive him for passing on sensitive information to his wife. As they bicker, Sharon arrives asking where everyone is for the staff meeting. Billy tells her she and Adam are all that's left - but it won't last. Billy warns Sharon she'll become a pawn in Adam's war with Victor. Billy leaves and Sharon enthuses about Adam getting the board to go along with him. Adam says the board knows he's the next generation. Sharon says Victor will come gunning for him. Adam's ready and wants her by his side. Sharon says Noah is proud of her - she won't be quitting and she will deal with Victor when she has to. They discuss his marriage ending. Mason gets them Cajun food from a New Orleans chef while they work. Adam decides to leave and they say some heartfelt things before he goes. Once alone, Sharon imagines Adam coming back, saying he loves her, and ravishing her on the desk.

At Crimson Lights, Cane tells Eden he was supposed to meet Lily. They discuss her working at Jabot. Cane says they have time for each other no matter how crazy busy things get. Cane takes a call from Lily and tells her to do what she has to do. He explains to Eden that Lily's got a deadline. Eden says he must be let down, but thinks it's great he's so supportive.

At The Underground, Nick tells Avery he's optimistic about the grand re-opening. She's happy, but he says she doesn't look it. He asks what's wrong. She says she has to go out of town for work for a couple of days. They make out. Clothes start coming off. He thinks she'll chicken out. They kiss more. Later, they come downstairs re-dressing. Avery goes.

At the penthouse, Victor tells Nikki that Jack stepped down from Newman Enterprises. She accuses him of forcing Jack's hand. Victor says he realized it was a size too big and left Adam and Billy minding the store. Vikki arrives with news about the board meeting. Victor's not surprised. Vikki says Billy's been voted out of Newman. Victor tells her they'll talk later. Nikki hollers at Victor that he'll just go after Adam now. "Same game, different players." They argue. Nikki was hoping they could sail around the world - she's angry with herself for believing it could ever happen. She rants about wedding planning. Victor says, "In due time." Nikki begs him to get a grip on his control issues and asks him to wait until after their honeymoon to do anything about Newman. He refuses. Nikki calls someone and whispers, "No, I couldn't tell him. Not yet."

Chloe and Chelsea sit at the Club. Chelsea sulks and Chloe says Adam has a screw loose. Chelsea wants to channel her energy into their design business. Chloe tells Chelsea the next step in the break-up/recovery process is revenge sex. They look over at Cane. Chelsea gasps - he's married! Chloe says she needs someone like him. Talk turns back to Adam footing the bill for their business. Chelsea says, "Spare no expense." Chloe leaves. Chelsea spills, and Cane comes to the rescue.

Vikki greets Billy at home. She rants about Adam mistreating him. Billy shrugs that the only he was at Newman was because of her and Jack. She says Adam won't win. Chloe arrives and announces Billy has something she wants. She wants to buy the Restless Style building. He asks if the chipmunk robbed another bank. Chloe says she's starting a business with Chelsea with her divorce settlement.

At the Club bar, Adam downs a drink, and heads up to his suite.

Still at home, Victor takes a call from Mason who answers questions about Adam, Billy, and Sharon. Victor orders Mason to find out what kind of meds Sharon is on.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea tells Sharon that Adam's at the Club - he doesn't live there anymore. Sharon tells Chelsea she knows that.

Tyler says to Leslie, "What the hell is he doing here?" She replies, "I don't know. Does it matter? We can't let him recognize us."

Lauren growls at Michael, "Why are you so determined to blame our son for Jamie's accident?"

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