At The Underground, Nick and Avery are discussing Tyler's great work when Noah arrives. Later, Nick asks Noah what's going on with him. They discuss Adriana. Noah says to get out of this situation, he has to make her think he still cares. He worries he'll fall for her again. Nick thinks it's dangerous. When Noah steps out, Nick calls Alex to warn him off Noah.

At Newman, Adam tells Tucker that Jack stepped down and he and Billy are in charge. Tucker grunts, "Drunk and Drunker." He doesn't think either of them will last. Adam suggests they work together to oust Billy and stop Victor from taking over. Tucker's intrigued, but says he has to think about Katherine and Devon. Adam talks about people trying to make a person into someone he's not. "You want no part of that love. I know."

Tyler listens as Lily tells Neil and Cane that the twins are feeling better. Devon appears and pulls Neil away to say he heard that Jack's stepping down at Newman and returning to Jabot. After, Lily and Tyler make their pitch to Neil and Cane. Tyler asks Lily to weigh in on the marketing for The Underground. Cane tells her to go ahead - he'll go check the kids. Lily loves Tyler's ideas for The Underground. He tells her she's great because she's a dedicated mother with a career. She credits Cane for supporting her. She tells him she's sorry about his mom. Later, Tyler blurts something about being a kid in Milwaukee. She says she thought he was from Detroit.

On the patio, Jack tells Phyllis he's grateful to have her back in his life. She feels it's not a good idea. Jack tries to convince her. She won't go along with him, and leaves.

Jack arrives at Jabot and asks for a word with Neil. He apologizes for the way he treated him. He confirms he's left Newman and is returning to Jabot - he wants Neil there with him. Jack asks him to head up a new fashion division.

Avery and Phyllis see each other at the Club. Avery sent their mother something for her birthday and tries to convince Phyllis to contact her too. Phyllis says she stopped being her mother when she took their father's side. The divorce comes up. Phyllis says instead of learning from her parents, she turned out just like them. Avery disagrees. Phyllis lets Avery know she hates her being with Nick - it's like she's deliberately trying to hurt her. Phyllis says seeing them together was like a knife in her heart every time - Avery had to know that. Avery asks if she'll ever forgive her. Later, Phyllis signs her divorce papers. She gets a text ad for Nick's nightclub that says, "Come be with family," and rolls her eyes. She calls to invite Jack to be her 'plus one'.

At home, Jack jovially tells Kyle he's doing well and that he's left Newman. He asks Kyle to come back to Jabot with him. When Kyle's upstairs, Adam arrives. Jack fills him in on the latest regarding Stephanie. Adam thanks him for keeping him out of it. Adam says Victor will still want revenge. Jack says Victor will be coming after him. Adam confesses he has a plan. They discuss Chelsea leaving Adam. Jack's sorry. Adam says she tried to change him - now he just has Newman.

On the coffee house patio, Devon tells Tucker that after they spoke last week, he got advice. Tucker chuckles, and asks what Katherine told him to do. Devon says she advised him to give Tucker another chance. Tucker mentions the job offer. Devon admits he's intrigued. Tucker explains why he'd be a great fit. Devon says he'll kick it around and thanks him.

Over dinner at the Club, Neil tells Leslie about Jack's offer. He asks about her family. She doesn't want to discuss her mom - she dislikes dwelling on the past. Neil is joking with her when Devon appears. He mentions Tucker's job offer. Neil says if he's not enjoying his job there's no point in staying. Devon asks what he's doing.

Avery finds Nick at The Underground and tells him she ran into Phyllis. She hates that she hurt her so much. She assures Nick she's not dumping him. She thinks the future is bright.

At Newman, Adam takes a call from Tucker saying he's out - his family's too important to him. Adam calls someone else and says they need to meet - tomorrow.

At a motel, Dylan McAvoy looks at a flyer for The Underground's grand re-opening.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chloe tells Chelsea her next step in the break-up and recovery process is revenge sex.

Sharon tells Adam that Victor's going to come gunning for him. Adam replies, "Game on."

Victor tells Nikki that Jack stepped down - he's no longer running Newman Enterprises. Nikki glares. "What did you do?"

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