Avery enters Crimson Lights as Phyllis reads her final divorce decree. Phyllis says Nick will be free once she signs the papers. Avery says she's sorry to hear that. Phyllis laughs. They bicker and Avery leaves.

Victor stops into The Underground. Nick asks if he came to gloat. Victor wants Nick to come back to run Newman with him, and alludes to Jack having troubles. Nick isn't interested. Victor calls The Underground a dive. Nick says it's his dream. Later, Avery arrives. Nick says Victor's visit motivated him to see this through. They discuss the divorce. Nick's looking forward to the next chapter in his life. Avery has a surprise - Tyler. Tyler says he'll put the place on the map. He outlines his idea for an underground DJ and shows some fliers. Nick hires him. Tyler tells him to sex the place up a bit.

Christine surprises Paul at the Club bar. She mentions contacting Michael about work, so Paul fills her in on Jamie and the Baldwins. Paul thinks Fen bullied Jamie.

At the hospital, Lauren and Michael wait for Jamie to wake up. Lauren still doesn't believe Fen had anything to do with the fall. Michael leaves. Lauren asks Jamie to please wake up and be okay. His eyes open. Paul arrives as Lauren asks if he remembers what happened. Jamie says, "Fen." Jamie goes unconscious again. Lauren tells Paul her son would never hurt anyone. Paul says Fen didn't want this kid around from day one. Lauren argues that there's no proof he was even on the roof.

At the Club, Jack runs into Marcus Wheeler and says he's turning himself in. Wheeler says him coming forward and getting a slap on the wrist will only create a media spectacle. Wheeler tells Jack he can't fix this, but he can help keep it out of the press for his family's sake. After, Michael tells Jack that Stephanie ingested the drugs hours before she met him - he's not responsible. Michael won't prosecute for the cover-up either.

At home, Fen gets a text from Summer saying Jamie's in the hospital and it's bad. Michael arrives to discuss Jamie. He tells Fen they assumed having Jamie there would be an easy transition for him, and assures Fen he can tell him anything. Lauren calls and says Jamie woke up.

Victor finds Jack at Newman. Jack says Billy passed his threat along and tells him he's walking away - the company's in the hands of Adam and Billy. Victor will go to the press unless Adam walks away too. They bicker. Jack says Michael's not pressing charges and Wheeler doesn't want this in the media. Victor says Wheeler's dispensable. Jack asks when this will end. Victor wants his company back. Jack tells him to talk to his son. Later, Victor approaches Mason and tells him Jack is out and Adam and Billy will be soon.

Christine enters Crimson Lights and tells Phyllis she should be in jail. Phyllis tells her to move on. Christine mocks her over her divorce and bedding Nina's son. Phyllis counters that Christine is playing Paul and Danny. Christine says Phyllis deserves what she's getting. Later, Jack arrives and tells Phyllis about his 'visits' with Wheeler and Victor. He says Victor and Adam can fight to the death over Newman - he wants his life to have meaning. Phyllis takes his hand. Jack thanks her for being there and they kiss.

Michael enters Jamie's hospital room with Fen in tow. Lauren says Jamie's stable and will soon wake up and tell them what happened. Fen steps out. Lauren tells Michael that Jamie said Fen's name. Michael says Fen seems guilty. Paul appears. He went back to the roof and found something Fen's camera. Lauren insists it doesn't prove anything. Christine arrives and tells Paul she still wants to pursue a civil suit against Phyllis. Nearby, Michael and Lauren discuss Fen. Fen enters Jamie's room and he opens his eyes.

Someone looks at a photo of Nick and Avery in the newspaper and throws it down.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Devon tells Neil that Jack is stepping down at Newman and coming back to Jabot.

Noah tells Nick that to get out of this situation Adriana's put him in, he needs to make her think he still cares about her.

Phyllis says to Avery, "Instead of learning from my parents, I turned out just like them."

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