Sharon arrives at the tackhouse. Noah ignores a call from Adriana. Sharon is ticked off that she hurt him. He feels he was stupid to get involved with her. Sharon counters that he has a big heart, and didn't have a good example with her and Nick. Noah still thinks he's an idiot, but says it's over. Sharon admires him, but warns if the other person's not done, it's harder to walk away.

At Crimson Lights, Adriana leaves Noah a message to call - she's tired of being scared. Nearby, Kevin and Chloe are all turned on with each other because of the money. Chloe arranges for Delia to spend the night with Esther. Adriana chats with Eden, and then returns to the patio where Alex appears. She insists she doesn't know where the money is. He says she's a liar. "Give me the money back now or I'll put you in jail." They bicker. Alex overhears Kevin and Chloe discussing 'the best idea ever' and approaches them. Alex unnerves them by implying that he knows they have the money.

At the Club, Neil tells Leslie that last night was some of the best you-know-what they've had ever. Leslie reminds him at the office it's still strictly professional.

At Jabot, Devon tells Tyler that Lily took a personal day with the twins. He's surprised Tyler appreciates the 'mom' thing. Tyler snaps, "You don't know me, man." Leslie and Neil enter as Devon is apologizing for earlier. Leslie explains that their mother passed away. After, Neil asks Leslie if she wants to talk, but she doesn't. Later, Devon notices their closeness. Tyler joins in the 'fraternization' discussion. Neil says Lily and Cane are married - the rules don't apply to them. Once alone, Leslie tells Tyler she wants to be with Neil, but it's not possible. Tyler says she's safe from the past. Leslie tells Tyler he deserves to be happy too - but not with Lily. Tyler goes on about how amazing she is. Leslie says to leave her alone - they've had enough trouble. Meanwhile, Devon meets with Neil about ads. Neil senses he's not into the job.

Adam tells Chelsea, at home, that Jack is stepping down at Newman. She says, "You're never getting on that plane to Paris." Chelsea says she would give up anything for him and asks what he'll give up for her. Adam doesn't understand her fixation with running away. She begs him to let Newman go and leave tonight. He can't. She cries that he's different now. She says she wants a divorce. Adam leaves. Chelsea calls Chloe, who is busy with Kevin. Chelsea smashes their photos and screams.

Sharon joins Adam at Newman and realizes he's drunk. She guesses he told Chelsea 'no' to Paris and tells him he's stupid. Adam acts sarcastic and tipsy. Sharon mocks him for acting like the hero of Newman and quits. They bicker about his attachment to Newman. He says his siblings turned their backs - he knows how to put Newman first. Sharon says it won't love him back. Adam's had enough of being punished for who he is. He tells Sharon if she stays, it would save him. "Can you save me?"

At the Club bar, Alex grills Noah about Adriana. He bets she told him he's a dirty cop, and warns Noah not to get sucked in again. Noah says he knows that. He tells Alex what he knows. Alex says the money belonged to a drug dealer - Adriana's boyfriend. Noah tells him somebody took the money. Alex coaches him to go along with Adriana for now. Later, Adriana shows up tells Noah they can fix this and be together. She claims to have an idea who took the money.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin tells Chloe that Adriana was asking questions about how they get by when the coffee house is so empty - he thinks she knows. They leave Eden in charge and take off. Alex slips in and searches behind the counter.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victor tells Nick that Billy and Adam won't be at the helm for long.

Marcus Wheeler asks Jack if he thinks coming forward and getting a slap on the wrist will make this easier for his family.

Paul enters Jamie's hospital room as he wakes up and Lauren asks if he remembers what happened.

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