At Newman, Victor and Billy spar verbally over Victor blackmailing him. Billy doesn't trust him and won't sacrifice Jack. Victor says it's Jack's chance to save himself and suggests Billy tell him so.

At the Club, Tucker fawns over Katherine - he knows she's still shook up over Murphy choking. They sit. Tucker is amazed to hear that Murphy used to live in a trailer and saved her life once. Katherine admits she was scared of losing him earlier. She says Murphy is angry at Tucker because he wanted to punish her for giving him up as a baby. Tucker things to work between them. Kay's open to it. Victor appears. Tucker says this might be his way of proving he's sincere. He tells Victor he'll give him a sizeable portion of his Newman shares. Victor wants details. Tucker says he'll give him half his shares, explaining that he threw in with Jack and Adam because he was bothered by how much Katherine respected Victor. Victor accepts Tucker's offer, but warns him not to double-cross him and disappoint Katherine. Victor leaves. Tucker tells Katherine he's tired of feeling alone. He talks about losing Ashley, and says he wants to know his birth mother, and his son. He vows to keep trying with Devon. Kay agrees, "Never stop trying." Once alone, Tucker leaves Jack a message to call him about Newman.

Lauren arrives at the hospital. Paul tells her Jamie is still unconscious. She wonders why Michael hasn't come yet.

At Jack's place, over Phyllis' protests, Jack points to the rug and tells Michael that's where Stephanie overdosed - he did nothing to help her. Michael asks why she was found in the alley. Jack says he moved the body. He says he has no memory of her dying, but knows he didn't call 911. He explains that he was on booze and pills. Phyllis and Adam try to intercede. Adam says the confession won't hold up in court. Michael warns that they're accessories. Jack insists they just found out today. Michael takes a call from Lauren and goes, telling Jack not to go to the police yet. Billy arrives, complaining about Victor. They discuss Stephanie's death, and Billy wonders how Victor even found out. Adam asks, "How do you think?" Billy curses - Victor hired her. Phyllis tells Billy that Jack is determined to go to prison. Jack goes on about justice. Adam, Phyllis, and Billy all try to talk Jack out of getting himself locked up. Jack says he's all about the truth and is done lying and scheming. "I'm leaving all that to Victor." Jack says he's not been the man his father would want him to be. He declares that he's walking away from Newman and asks Billy and Adam to take over.

Michael arrives at the hospital and Paul fills him in. Lauren says Fenmore's not answering his phone. Michael asks Paul if he thinks Fen was on the roof. Lauren angrily intones, "Jamie had a bad fall and our son had nothing to do with it." Michael insists he's just wondering if Fen knows what happened. Lauren regrets accusing Jamie of stealing and wants to make sure Fen's okay. She gets perturbed when Michael questions Paul, who confirms Fen seemed certain Jamie wouldn't be around for long.

At home, Fen reads the messages on his phone and throws it down. He's panicky and texts someone that he needs to talk ASAP. Fen ignores his phone calls.

Congressman Wheeler visits Victor about his aborted press conference. He reminds Victor he wants Jack's connection to Stephanie kept out of the press. Victor's positive Jack will do everything to prevent this getting out.

Fenmore arrives at the hospital. He lies that he missed his parents' calls because he was watching a movie. Paul questions Fen, who is obviously nervous. Michael notices. Fen learns his parents accused Jamie of stealing. Fen rants about Jamie taking their stuff. Michael asks Fen if he set Jamie up. Fen protests that Michael blames him for everything. Lauren glares at Michael.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chloe asks Kevin what he had in mind. He replies, "You, me, the cat suit..."

Alex tells Adriana, "Give me the money back now or I'll put you in jail."

Chelsea implores Adam, "Leave this place, now, with me. Tonight."

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