At the Club, Mason offers Victor information on what's happening at Newman in exchange for a position when Victor regains control. Sarge enters and asks Mason when he started hanging with Victor Newman. Victor's henchman appears and tells Victor he found no dirt on Jack at the cabin. Victor decides he's going to go public about Stephanie. He tells the man to make sure he can't be connected to the hooker. Meanwhile, Mason fills Sarge in on Jack having a heart attack and not being at Newman. Sarge sneers, "So you decided to start throw in with Victor." Sarge reminds Mason that Jack hired him as a favor. He says Jack will return.

Phyllis returns to the cabin as Jack is leaving Adam an urgent message that Victor knows about Stephanie. She grills him. Jack finally admits the whole story and says he should have known Victor hired her. Phyllis panics when she learns that Jack's heart attack was a cover up and that Adam moved the body. Jack says it's worse - she's Marcus Wheeler's daughter. Jack tells her about Victor's henchman showing up there and paying him off. Phyllis doesn't want to be caught up in it. Jack feels guilty about Stephanie. Phyllis reassures him. He tells her he has to make things right.

Tyler enters the Crimson Lights patio and hears Lily ordering champagne and caviar to the honeymoon suite at the Club. She tells him it's a surprise for Cane. Tyler thinks it's hot and promises not to tell the boss about her and 'SugarCane' skipping out of work. He thinks she likes the thrill of possibly getting caught.

At Jabot, Neil stares at Leslie as she tries to tell him about a contract. She's attracted to his cologne and they get very close. Cane enters as they're about to kiss. Leslie becomes businesslike and briskly leaves. Cane and Neil talk briefly and arrange to meet later. Cane calls Lily. She teases that she left him a clue in the office where to find her - it's a napkin with lipstick. Later, Tyler arrives and finds Leslie. They discuss 'being in the clear'. She's worried someone might do a background check on them. Neil watches their conversation suspiciously. He tells Leslie later that he's sorry for not respecting her boundaries. She kisses him. Tyler enters and leaves quickly. She tells Neil next time they need to do that somewhere else.

Noah gives Adriana heck for showing up at the Club bar - she should be in her room. He tells her last night was a mistake. Adriana whines that he's always working. Cane arrives and Noah gives him a gift from Lily - red Christmas lights. Adriana tells Noah they never did the romance thing. He says they didn't work because she cheated. Adriana says they still have a connection and asks to see him later.

Cane finds Lily on the coffee house patio and hollers, "Crimson Lights!" She gives him coffee so he's not too tired for what will follow.

Noah lets Adriana into the tackhouse reluctantly. He says she's just looking for the money. She questions him about it. He insists it's gone. She puts on music and they make-out. Later, Noah comes downstairs re-dressing. He reads a paper belonging to Adriana. She appears. "What are you doing?" He questions her about the 'fake' bank statement for $10,000 in the name Rita Sanchez and throws her out. Her phone beeps - she looks worried.

Cane and Lily kiss on the bed in the honeymoon suite. She tells him her heart belongs to him - only him. He says he loves her and they go back to kissing. Later, they eat strawberries and make pillow talk. She mentions talking to Tyler at Nick's opening and then laughs at Cane's jealousy, telling him he needs to cool off - in the shower.

Cane and Lily return to Jabot and run into Tyler. Tense words are exchanged between Cane and Tyler. Cane won't let Tyler get to him.

Mason is puzzled to hear of a press conference at Newman. Victor appears. He set it up - he has an announcement to make.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Lauren and Michael start to notice things going missing at home.

Tucker approaches Katherine and Murphy at the Club and Murphy tells him to go away.

Paul asks Fen about making peace with Jamie. Fen tells Paul he'll be gone soon enough.

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