Billy arrives at Newman and finds Adam in the CEO chair. They bicker about whether Adam needs to be there. Adam reminds him that Jack asked that they work together. Billy says he's in charge and will make the decisions. Sharon arrives and gets put in the middle. Billy gives her projects that he and Adam disagree on - he wants her opinion if she'd move forward on them. Adam snarks that she'll have to agree with Billy to keep her job. Billy counters that if he leaves today she'll keep her job. Sharon says she already reviewed the projects - she agrees with Adam on one, and Billy on two others. Sharon reminds them they are all there to do a good job.

At the Club, Victoria complains to Victor about him not being supportive to Nick. Talk turns to business. Victor says Billy's not an asset and he's certain Adam won't leave. They see Chelsea, who explains that Adam couldn't leave Jack hanging - they are still going. Victor and Victoria find out that Adam hired Sharon. Chelsea, exasperated, says it wasn't about them. Once alone, Vikki insists to Victor that Billy didn't know about Sharon - he's not keeping secrets. Later, Victoria urges Chelsea to convince Adam to leave, saying things will get ugly.

Phyllis arrives at the tackhouse. Avery and Nick greet her. After thanking Avery for looking out for Summer, Phyllis goes upstairs. Avery kisses Nick and departs. Phyllis reappears and she and Nick recall when Summer was in a coma. Phyllis says they became whole again. Nick tells her their divorce is final. Phyllis stops him from talking about Avery and apologizes for hurting him. Phyllis wishes him happiness and says she'll get there too. Nick agrees - he appreciates her apology.

At the Baldwin house, Lauren and Michael worry about Jamie. Fen snarks about it being his fault Jamie's gone. Michael and Fen argue. Fen rants that he's the bad guy and takes off. Michael tells Lauren he can't understand how his kid doesn't care about another person hurting.

In his hiding spot, Jamie gets another text from Fen telling him he's a loser and to stay gone.

John Abbott appears to Jack in the cabin. He's proud he's trying to get clean, but reminds him that a woman died. Jack says he didn't put the pills in her hand. John complains that he didn't stop it either, and he knowingly let Adam become an accomplice. Jack hollers at him to stop. Jack hears someone outside. He pretends to leave. Victor's man enters. Jack confronts him. The man claims he's a reporter, but Jack knows he's lying. Jack threatens him, and the man admits Victor hired the hooker - but they had no idea she was a congressman's daughter. He spills Victor's plan.

Fen arrives at the coffee house complaining about his parents. Kevin tells him Lauren and Michael can help Jamie and still love him - he's too smart not to know that. Kevin advises him to stay calm. Fen muses, "You mean, make nice..."

Paul arrives at the Baldwin residence. He, Lauren, and Michael are discussing Fen being jealous of Jamie. To their relief, Jamie arrives. Michael gets permission for Jamie to stay there. As Jamie leaves to get his things, Fen spots him.

Avery meets Tyler at The Underground and asks if his marketing offer still stands. Tyler talks about what they need. Avery hires him.

At Jamie's hiding spot, Fen watches as he packs his things.

Fen returns home. His parents tell him Jamie's coming back to stay. Fen says he's fine with it. Michael's suspicious. Fen admits to not liking Jamie, but says they'll make it work. Jamie arrives. Fen tells him he's on board. Jamie promises not to tell his parents about the texts if he backs off. When Jamie goes to shower, Fen puts a knick-knack in his backpack.

Victor arrives at Newman as Adam and Billy are telling Sharon they're impressed with her work. Victor wonders if Billy-boy's wife knows about this. Adam says it's not Victor's problem. Sharon exits. Victor confronts Billy but he gets called away. Victor challenges Adam. Adam says everything he does is for the good of Newman. Victor leaves. Mason stops him - he has things to discuss. Victor arranges a meeting later.

Dylan McAvoy checks into the Genoa City Motor Arms.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis returns to the cabin as Jack is on the phone saying, "We've got a problem. Victor has been sniffing around."

Mason tells Victor he's not after money. Victor says everyone's after money, it depends on how they acquire it.

Adriana tells Noah she was an idiot and didn't know what a good thing she had - she does now.

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