Nick and Avery flirt at the nightclub. He wonders if he's making her happy. As they talk, the lights flicker. Nick yells. Avery reassures him and tells him how proud she is of him stepping out of Victor's shadow to create something of his own.

Adriana arrives at the tackhouse - she wants to go to Nick's club. Noah nixes the idea. She says they can pretend they don't know each other - it might be kinda hot. Noah says he has to work there. She blurts that he's rich, he doesn't have to work. Noah shakes his head. He orders Adriana to go back to her suite.

At the cabin, Phyllis tells an edgy Jack to give the meds the doctor gave him time to work. He wants more. Phyllis says no. Jack insults her. Phyllis warns she won't be his punching bag - she's wanted to leave a hundred times. Jack softens. "What kept you here?" Phyllis says she wants to see him get better. Jack says, "I couldn't do this without you, Red." Jack worries about Victor. Phyllis reassures him, but suggests he take a look at why he's at Newman - he belongs at Jabot. When Phyllis brings up Adam, Jack won't discuss him. Phyllis notes they also can't talk about Stephanie, who was his dealer. Jack snaps, "She wasn't!" Phyllis probes. Jack says he's a bad person.

At home, Vikki and Billy are both on the phone about business. They hang up and Billy and discuss taking the night off. They prepare to leave for Nick's opening.

Devon calls Roxy from Jabot and says he'll meet her at The Underground. Tucker appears to 'check in'. He chats about the corporate world and Jabot. Tucker wonders if Jabot is the best fit for Devon. Devon gets his back up. Tucker says he has a high-profile opening in his music division. Devon doesn't want his flashy job. Tucker says he's his son, and if things change, he knows where to find him.

Nick and Avery share a moment in her private booth. She gives him chocolate. Noah arrives and Avery gives another pep talk. They open the doors. Vikki tells Nick the club's great and says Adam and Chelsea left for Paris. Nick's skeptical. Billy joins them. Nick isn't happy Billy's in charge at Newman. Lily and Roxy arrive. Tyler joins them. Roxy says she's heard a lot about him. He asks about Cane. Lily says he had to go out of town. Tyler says it's his gain. Noah, making drinks, notices Adriana enter. Nick complains to Avery about Billy running Newman. The power goes out. Noah makes free drinks and Nick gives out passes. Devon arrives. He, Lily and Roxy prepare to go. Tyler asks Lily to stay, but she says there's no point since Cane's not there. Tyler tells Nick he'll solve his marketing problem. Nick says goodbye to Vikki and Billy amid tension. Nick gets a call from Summer. Later, Adriana tells Noah they've got the place to themselves. They make out at the bar, but Noah stops to take her upstairs.

Devon meets Katherine at the Club to discuss Tucker. She understands him questioning Tucker's motives. Devon asks why she keeps giving Tucker chances. Katherine wants to believe he's capable of change. Devon thinks he hurt Tucker. Katherine says he's family - you always back up your family. Later, Katherine spots Tucker. They discuss Devon. She tells him to do something instead of brooding. Katherine adds that he hasn't hurt her or Devon half as much as he's hurt himself.

At the cabin, Phyllis gets a call from Nick who says Summer's sick. He knows she's in Savannah and can't get there, but wanted to let her know. Phyllis tells him to keep her posted. After, Jack urges Phyllis to go. Someone watches from outside as he hugs her goodbye.

At home, Vikki complains that all they talked about at the nightclub was Newman. They end up joking and kissing.

Nick worries he may have to take Summer to the hospital at the tackhouse. He thanks Avery for offering to watch Faith and being in his life.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nick asks Phyllis if she flew in from Georgia. Phyllis looks at Nick and Avery and says, "Summer's my daughter. This is where I belong."

Lauren says to Michael, "Something made him run." Michael starts to talk and Fen interrupts, "Yeah, listen to Mom, Dad. She's reminding you it's not my fault."

Victor tells Victoria, "As long as his wife is in town, so will Adam be." He gestures to the door of the Club where Chelsea appears.

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