Avery arrives at The Underground to find Nick upset that his license is gone. Avery knows someone at the County Clerk's office who will issue a new copy. Nick discovers the addresses are wrong on some of the flyers. Avery sends him to the address to explain. Later, Avery returns with a new license - she promised the clerk a slow dance later. Nick says the Indian restaurant agreed to send his customers over tonight, in exchange for eating there. Avery crows about Nick doing all of this. They dance and head to her place. The electricity buzzes.

At home, Billy is preparing to leave for Newman when Victor arrives. Victor notices Billy's suit. "Scrounge up a job somewhere?" Billy says he did - his. Vikki explains that Jack made Billy co-CEO with Adam. Billy says Adam's leaving tonight. Victor isn't pleased about a buffoon running his company. Victoria says he'll help them regain Newman. Victor claims he has other options. After, Billy and Victoria talk briefly and kiss goodbye.

At Jabot, Leslie makes it clear to Neil they won't be dating. Nearby, Tyler tells Devon he saw Lily hugging some guy the other day and looking upset. Devon explains it was her ex-husband, but she's all about Cane now. In an office, Neil flirts with Leslie. Tyler finds Lily and asks for her opinion - no one understands the art of looking good better than her. Leslie appears. Lily goes, and Leslie warns Tyler to keep his personal and professional lives separate. Neil joins Cane in the CEO office and asks if he's having second thoughts. Cane denies it, but acts strange. Devon and Lily enter and Cane and Neil argue over what they want Lily to do. Later, Cane, Leslie, Devon, and Tyler talk about going out later. Tyler says he'll pass. Leslie enters Neil's office and imagines him half-dressed. He complains about Cane to her.

Adam arrives at Newman to find Sharon in his office. She mentions the looks she got. Adam tells her she has nothing to prove to anyone. He tells her they're leaving tonight, but complains about leaving Newman in Billy's galactically inexperienced hands. Sharon says she'll do her best to see that Billy doesn't run Newman into the ground. Sharon and Adam brainstorm together, laughing over him reading her mind. Chelsea appears. Sharon wishes Chelsea happiness in Paris. Later, Billy appears and tells Adam he's released and can take an earlier flight. Adam says he's not ready. Billy wishes Chelsea the best - she's made a huge difference in his life. Chelsea goes. Adam asks Billy about the Jabot merger. Billy avoids answering. Later, Sharon convinces Billy to keep her on by reminding him she's the one who made it possible for Jack to buy up shares.

Victor meets with Congressman Wheeler in his penthouse. Wheeler fears it getting out that his daughter was a call-girl. Victor says he has information and tells him his suspicions. Wheeler rages that his daughter was dumped in an alley - no one deserves that. Victor promises justice. Victoria arrives as Wheeler leaves. She's upset when Victor says he's not going to Nick's opening - he's not being supportive. They discuss Billy. She says he will help them. Victor scoffs that Billy can't even help himself, and says he already has a plan in motion. Victoria takes a call from Billy who says Adam's leaving tonight. Victor says it won't happen.

In an elevator, Adam's informant tells him Stephanie was Congressman Wheeler's daughter and that Wheeler met with Victor. Adam leaves an urgent message for Jack.

At the Club, Cane admits to Lily he wasn't ready to give up the CEO chair. He calls Neil and apologizes. Neil does too. Lily tells Neil to bring Leslie out later.

At Jabot, Neil tells Leslie that Lily wants him to bring her to the opening later. She tries to put the brakes on. In the corridor, Devon tells Tyler that Cane will have to go out of town tonight.

Adam arrives home to an excited Chelsea. He tells her they can't go - there's a crisis he has to handle. She wants Billy to handle it. He says Billy's part of it. Chelsea is deflated. Adam needs two weeks. Chelsea thinks they'll never go.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Noah tells Adriana they can't be seen together. She says they could always pretend they don't know each other - it would be kind of hot.

Tyler asks Lily where Cane is tonight. She says he had to go out of town. Tyler says it's Cane's loss, and his gain.

Phyllis hollers at Jack that she's wanted to leave a hundred times. He retorts, "So why didn't you?"

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