At the cabin, Jack quakes violently as he detoxes. Phyllis doesn't know what to do. Dr. Lee arrives with medication and vitamins and urges Phyllis to take care of herself too. Later, Phyllis tells Jack he mentioned Stephanie dying. She thinks he was mourning his drug dealer. Phyllis leaves to get food. Once alone, Jack worries.

At the penthouse, Victor tells his henchman to leak a news story about Jack and Adam covering up the death of a prostitute that was the estranged daughter of Congressman Marcus Wheeler. The man assures Victor there is no way for him to be ID'd as the one who hired her. Victor decides to wait to leak the information until Jack returns from the cabin. Nikki appears as the man leaves. She asks about Jack's 'secret'. Victor tells her he's hooked on pain killers. Nikki is upset that Victor would reveal that - it's a private matter! Victor says Jack has control of his company - he'll take him down. Nikki feels he's stooping too low. Victor promises not to disappoint her.

At home, Chelsea overhears Adam on the phone saying that his father will strike - he'll have to gauge what approach he will take. Chelsea asks Adam to put the house on the market to sever ties with Genoa City. Adam wants to keep it for tax purposes.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin tells Detective Alex he and Chloe have an appointment. Alex asks, "With the Cleaner?" He knows they got a call from a man who launders money. Kevin says it was a wrong number. Alex warns them about lying and leaves. Chloe panics and Kevin reassures her they won't get caught.

Noah and Adriana bicker at the Club. He tells her to leave town today. Adriana insists Alex can hurt her even though she has no stolen goods. Noah turns away. Adriana can't forget about the money...or him. Noah tells her it's not her money and reminds her she cheated on him. Adriana says she ruined the best thing that ever happened to her. Noah follows her. She tells him her father left and her brother pimped her out. She needs the money to start over.

Chloe joins Chelsea at home. Chelsea says they're leaving for Paris tomorrow night, but Adam won't sell the house. Chelsea asks what's going on with her. Chloe babbles that she could come to Paris too. Chelsea thinks she's acting strange. Chloe confesses everything. Chelsea says she'll help her keep the money and pay off their mortgage.

Adam joins Victor at the Club bar and tells him he was right about Jack's pill problem. He tells Victor he was right about the hooker - he won't be in business with a guy like Jack. Victor wonders if Adam will go along with him. Adam says he can't afford for Newman to be involved in this. Victor tells him to tell the press everything he knows. Adam wants him to admit he hired the hooker. Victor tells him to talk to the press and goes. Adam gets a call from Jack and updates him. Jack tells him to leave Victor alone. Adam reassures him.

Phyllis returns to the cabin and orders Jack to put down the phone. Jack tells her he was talking to Adam, not looking for pills. She wants him to focus only on detoxing, saying she thought he might die last night. He credits her with saving his life.

Chloe returns to Crimson Lights and tells Kevin they'll use the coffee house as collateral, take out a loan, pay off the mortgage, and then pay back the loan with the stolen money. He says she's a genius. Alex lurks and texts.

At the Club, Noah tells Adriana he won't abandon her. She grins. "You can't quit me." She gets a text. "Where is the $$$?"

Nikki arrives home to a romantic surprise from Victor. She thinks he wants her to forget what he's doing to Jack. Victor wants to tune out the world.

At home, Adam tells someone over the phone that he'll allow Victor to believe he's playing his game. He has to link Victor to the prostitute before Victor exposes Jack. He vows his father will never get Newman back.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Avery tells Nick, "There is a very easy solution to this you know." He says, "Cancel the opening; sell the club."

Adam arrives at work saying he doesn't want any distractions today. Sharon is in his office. "Does that include me?"

Victoria listens with concern as Victor asks Billy, "Scrounge up a job somewhere?" and Billy replies, "Yeah. Yours."

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