Avery awakens at her place to find Nick sad about Cassie's birthday. She thinks it's nice that he and Sharon will honor her together today. He says Summer couldn't get time off from school.

At home, Sharon looks at photos of Cassie and cries a little. She imagines how Cassie might spend her birthday if she were still with them - grown up and out of college. Nick arrives to go to the cemetery, but Sharon suggests doing something different.

Chloe asks Kevin why the coffee house is closed. He has the bag of money and says he called someone to help 'launder' it. Chloe's unsure. Kevin says there will be plenty of money after the guy takes his cut. Chloe sighs that they're officially criminals. They debate whether to go through with it. Kevin is certain they won't get caught. Chloe's excited by the danger. Michael hammers on the door. He stands by a wad of cash that's fallen out of the bag. They try to get rid of him while he questions them about their finances and about Jamie. Michael notices the cash. They joke with Michael about robbing banks and knocking off liquor stores. Michael hollers a warning - he's tired of prosecuting people he knows! After, Kevin hurriedly calls his 'guy'.

At the tackhouse, Noah angrily leaves Adriana a message to return his call. She phones back from the Club dining room. Noah hisses that she was supposed to keep a low profile. Sharon and Nick appear with Faith as he's heading out. They hope he didn't forget Cassie's birthday. Noah stammers about plans. Sharon asks what could be more important. Nick tells him they're going to make Cassie's favorite cookies and take them to the paramedics. Noah says he'll stay. In a moment alone with Faith, Noah asks her about the bag. They all talk to Faith about Cassie. After, Noah tries to get out of going to the nightclub with Nick. Sharon and Nick question him. Noah admits Adriana showed up and says he thinks he's in over his head. Nick lectures him about helping Adriana when the police think she stole money. Noah insists he wants Adriana to leave and claims he's telling them everything. Later, Avery arrives as Faith and Sharon leave with the cookies. Avery tells Nick about Summer and the storage unit. She says she changed the locks, but it's been broke into again. Nick agrees to let Avery deal with it. They wonder if it was someone else who broke in.

As Lauren arrives at the Club she gets a text from Michael that he'll be late. Carmine asks, "Champagne?" He explains he's picking up shifts there and offers her a breakfast cocktail. Lauren says her husband is running late. Carmine can't understand him leaving her alone. Lauren defends Michael and chats with Carmine about her troubles with Fen. Carmine admits to being a juvenile delinquent and urges Lauren to love Fen and let him know she's got his back. Michael arrives. Lauren joins him and tells Michael they must love and protect Fen. Michael wants to concentrate on them for an hour. Lauren wants to go away together. Michael says he just needs to look in her eyes. They discuss Jamie, and Kevin and Chloe acting strange.

At the Club, Detective Alex spots Adriana. He says she knew she'd show up. He grills her about the money and wants her to admit she sent it to Noah. He realizes the money's here but she doesn't have it yet - he'll be watching her. After, Noah finds Adriana and tells her there's no cash so she can leave town. She claims Alex is a dirty cop and Noah has to protect her.

Chloe gapes as Alex enters the coffee house just as Kevin is about to leave to meet his guy, 'The Cleaner'.

At the nightclub, Nick opens Avery's gift - it's a framed dollar bill. She says he'll be a success.

Sharon arrives home, tastes a cookie, and tells Cassie they're not quite as good as hers. She recalls Cassie's advice to look to the future and calls Adam to accept the job at Newman.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victor tells his henchman, "Mistakes were made." The man says there's no way to trace the girl back to him. Victor warns, "That better be so."

On the phone, Adam says his father will make a move; he'll have to gauge what approach he will take.

Kevin tells Alex he has an appointment. Alex looks at Chloe and asks, "With The Cleaner?" Kevin looks ill.

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