Victor drops by Adam's place to let him know he's aware of the goings-on with the prostitute - including the flimsy cover-up. Adam wonders how Victor's tied to this. Victor says he's not, and they go back and forth. Later, Chelsea grills Adam about whether Victor has something on him. She can't wait to leave town. Adam says he must fill key spots at Newman - he wants Sharon in Phyllis' former position. Chelsea suggests they tell Sharon the good news together.

At home, Vikki warns Billy that Victor will take everything from Jack. Billy says he won't let Jack down. Vikki warns that Adam's involved. Billy just wants to make sure Jack keeps Jabot. They agree to be in this together, helping Jack and fighting Adam.

At Sharon's house, she and Nick discuss Noah's issues with the police and Adriana. Sharon warns that Noah's not over Adriana and when you care about someone who's in trouble, their problems become yours. Later, Adam and Chelsea arrive. Adam asks Sharon to be Newman's R&D Director. Chelsea pipes up that she's all for it. Sharon has concerns - if Victor takes control again she's walking right into a buzzsaw.

Noah is stunned to find Adriana in the tackhouse. She tries to kiss him, but he doesn't want her there. He reminds her that she dumped him and says she hasn't returned his messages - he needs to know what she's got him caught up in. She tells Noah the money was left in her apartment by the previous tenant - a drug dealer. Noah's upset and tells her the money's gone. Adrianna's pissed and then worried. Noah agrees to find her a place to stay for only one night.

At Neil's place, he wants to get naked with Leslie. She reminds him they had an agreement - no involvement while working together. She mentions being down this road before with James Conrad who watched her every move. Neil says he'll turn down a return to Jabot, but she nixes that. He doesn't think they can go back to strictly business after last night. Leslie vows she won't cave in. Neil says they'll see.

Tyler greets his favorite ex-coworker, Lily, at Crimson Lights. He laments his fresh work not being used at Jabot and says she's wasted there because they're all old school. Cane arrives as Tyler tells her she should be the one out front leading the way. Cane joins them. Lily makes a pitch for Cane to hire Tyler. Cane agrees. Tyler thanks him and leaves. Lily tells Cane she told Tyler he wasn't a rigid old school guy. Cane jokes and then kisses her.

In the Abbott living room, Jack hallucinates the dead hooker on the floor. Phyllis appears and says it will just be them and the addiction therapist at the cabin. Jack admits he's crawling out of his skin for a pill. Kyle comes in and Jack tells him he didn't have a heart attack - he's going away to get clean. Kyle says it's the best present he could have got. Jack realizes he forgot Kyle's birthday. Jack doesn't remember ever being so lost. He gives Kyle John's old compass. "You have been my true north." They embrace. Billy arrives and tells Jack he'll go back to Newman. Jack says it's a huge weight off his mind. Phyllis and Jack leave for the cabin.

Vikki tells Nikki, at the Club, that she won't sit by and let Jack run Newman into the ground. Victor arrives and tells Victoria she won't regret this.

At the cabin, Jack's freaking out and the therapist isn't there. Phyllis learns the therapist can't get there until tomorrow. She reassures Jack who is going through withdrawal and begging for pills.

Nick and Sharon argue at the tackhouse about Adam hiring her at Newman. He thinks it's part of a plot. She tells him she's stronger than he thinks and is taking the job.

At home, Chelsea asks Adam what her reward is for being able to discuss Sharon civilly. Billy arrives to discuss being back at Newman - he says there's a new sheriff in town. Adam says, "Message received, Sheriff. You can grab your spurs and toy gun and hop on your horsey and ride out of here."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Billy asks Vikki, "Do you really think I'd side against you?" She replies, "After what we've been through the past few months..."

Chelsea hollers at Adam, "Are you listening to yourself? What is it going to take for you to be free of these people?"

Jack growls at Phyllis, "You want to help me? The woman who left me and tore my heart out!"

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