At the Club, Victor's investigator tells him Stephanie Gayle's father is Senator Marcus Wheeler. Victor tells the man to find her - and make sure no one knows who hired her.

At Crimson Lights, Nick makes plans by phone with Sharon to commemorate Cassie's birthday as a family.

Summer leaves another message for Jamie at the tackhouse. Noah enters and asks Summer what she did with the money. Summer knows nothing and says she told no one. She asks why he's scared and rants about the family never being normal. Summer tries to talk to him about Fen but he says it's not as important as what he's going through and leaves.

Michael asks Fen about Jamie at home. Fen is rude and walks out. Michael opens the door and hollers after him - right into Paul's face. Michael tells Paul that Jamie's missing and Fen seems thrilled! He says Fen seems to have no compassion for Jamie as a human being. Michael worries Fenmore may be like him when he was young or like Kevin. Paul reassures him. Paul says he'll help him find Jamie, and Fen will be fine because he has Michael.

At home, Chloe and Kevin regard the bag of money and argue about what to do with it. She says the reward claims no questions will be asked. Kevin protests that it's a setup - they'll become suspects. Chloe's freaked out by the money.

In Crimson Lights, Chloe whispers to Kevin about where to hide the money. She's filled with remorse and fear. Kevin tells her to shut up as Alex appears. Chloe starts rambling. Alex thinks she's nervous. Kevin alludes to Alex not having any luck with his case. Alex snaps, "Who said I'm not having any luck." Chloe and Kevin go on about knowing nothing. Alex steps away, but hears Kevin tell Chloe they need to fix this now.

Victor greets Mason at Newman. He says Adam isn't in. Victor chats him up and angles to get information on Jack. He hints that he'll be taking over soon and will keep Mason on if he tells him where Jack is staying. Mason provides contact information.

On the coffee house patio, Summer passes Fen. He asks if she's looking for her little buddy. He tells her Jamie decided to slink off in the night. Summer is upset - she liked him. Fen accuses her of using him and warns it was a really bad idea to think he'd be her lap dog. Summer says he's sick. Fen gets in her face. Michael appears and pushes Fen away. Michael takes Summer inside. Paul soothes Fen, telling him Michael's scared by his behavior and loves him. Fen sneers - is he supposed to break down and spill his guts now? Paul asks about Jamie. Fen says to ask 'Britni'. Inside, Summer tells Michael she's worried about Jamie.

Nick visits Noah at work and says he seems tense. Noah says he snapped at Summer. Nick wants to know what's going on with him. Noah spots Alex and says it's not the best time. Nick goes. Alex chats to Noah about liking Genoa City and tells him to call if he hears from Adriana. "I can help." Nick stops him. "What do you want with my son?" Alex advises him to tell his son to trust the cops - not the girl. Nick confronts Noah. Noah says he's not the culprit. Nick knows there's more going on and suggests Noah talk to Cassie - it helps. Noah gets a text from Adriana saying she'll see him soon. Across the room, Victor's investigator tells him Stephanie was found dead in an alley of a drug overdose. Victor wonders if it was Oxycodone. The man learns it was ecstasy and booze. Victor wants to know if the body was moved. He muses about a call girl going into Jack Abbott's house and dying, and the ensuing diversion. "May be the biggest mistake he ever made."

Kevin and Chloe go home and cradle the bag of money. Kevin throws the cash in the air. They dance in it and make love. After, they decide they did Noah a favor - they should keep it.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Victoria warns Victor won't hesitate to take Jabot along with Newman while Jack's out of the picture.

Cane spots Tyler telling Lily she's the one who should be out front leading people. He says some may not see that, but he sure the hell does.

Chelsea asks Adam, "You want Sharon to take Phyllis' job?"

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