Vikki arrives home. Billy tells her he found out online that Jack had a heart attack. He leaves to check on him. Victor arrives and tries to talk Victoria into helping him get the company back. Victoria says her family's more important to her. Victor insists this will bring them closer, and warns if she writes off the company, she can write him off too.

At the Abbott house, Jack tells Phyllis he's hit bottom. Phyllis asks, "Overnight?" He says he doesn't remember getting home last night. They bicker about him wanting to clean up in private. Phyllis tells him about Savannah. Jack feels he needs her more than Daniel does. Later, Billy arrives. Jack tells him he's going out of town to get help and asks him to take his place at Newman while he's gone - he needs someone who can watch both Victor and Adam. Billy says he'll talk to Victoria and is glad Jack's getting help.

Adam and Chelsea argue at home about him wanting to fill in at Newman. Chelsea asks, "Why is that stupid company more important to you than us?" Adam says Jack can't fight Victor off without him. Chelsea doesn't trust him. Adam tells her, "Don't close the door."

At the Club, Cane tells Sharon that he's the acting CEO at Jabot. Sharon makes a pitch for him to hire her but he seems unsure and leaves saying he'll get back to her. Chelsea enters. She tells Sharon that she's back with Adam. Sharon says it's obvious he belongs with Chelsea. Chelsea agrees and tells Sharon they're leaving Genoa City. Sharon wishes them well and leaves abruptly.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel tells Lily he's moving. Lily thinks it sounds great. Cane enters as they hug. Lily tells Cane that Daniel's moving. Cane thinks it's good that her ex is leaving. She reminds him she chose him. Cane says it's the best thing that happened to him. They begin discussing Neil and Cane gets a call from Jack. Tyler appears and asks Lily if she's okay. Cane returns. She tells Cane she doesn't want to hear it. Cane thinks he can help Neil. On the patio, Phyllis tells Daniel she's going to help Jack. She confides that he's addicted to pain killers. Daniel says he's not her responsibility. Phyllis says it's her chance to make up for hurting him. Phyllis visits with Lucy until Daniel's ready to go. Phyllis cries that she's so proud. Daniel concedes she was right about Lucy - she's his life. He finally understands all the things Phyllis did for him. They hug and kiss.

Billy returns home and tells Vikki that Jack's going for treatment and wants him to work at Newman. Victoria tells him not to do it - things are about to get ugly there. Billy's upset that Victor tried to recruit her again. Victoria says Jack deserves to lose Newman, and Adam will take it if Victor doesn't. Billy feels Jack needs something to fight for. Vikki warns Billy not to let Jabot become part of Newman - Victor will take it all. They bicker about Victor. He asks her to get her dad to back off Jabot.

Neil and Leslie get out of bed at his place. She's in a rush to go. He asks if she's having second thoughts about last night and assures her he won't go back to Jabot. They make out on the couch. Lily and Cane arrive. They tell Neil that Jack had a heart attack and left Cane in charge. Cane wants to hire Neil back.

At Jack's place, Adam tells him to let Stephanie's death go until he gets well. Jack says he's hiring a private counselor and asked Billy to return to Newman. After, Victor arrives to spar with Jack, who says he's going away. Victor wonders if he means rehab. Later, Jack is searching Stephanie's name online when Phyllis arrives. She notices him shaking. He admits he wants a pill. She says she'll help him.

Adam tells Chelsea, at the Club, that Jack knows he can only cover at Newman for a few days. She kisses him.

Adam finds Sharon in his office. She says Chelsea told her they were leaving town. He says it's the right move for them, and asks about her plans. Sharon says since he's leaving, she may have lost her chance to work there.

At home, Victor tells his man to find out what happened to Stephanie Gayle - she was supposed to get right back to him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin says to Alex, "When are you leaving town? I mean, if you haven't had any luck..." Alex replies, "Who said I haven't had any luck?"

Noah asks Summer where the money is.

Victor tells Mason any information he gives him now will remain private. Mason hands over Jack's contact numbers during his recuperation.

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