At home, Kevin tells Chloe they're broke. Chloe models her stakeout outfit. Kevin says that plan is dead. They bicker about it. Chloe says they're turning it in for a reward! Kevin protests that Noah may not even have the money. He tells Chloe, "No more chipmunk." Chloe sighs when he says he'll figure something out.

At the Club, Daniel tries to convince Phyllis to come to Savannah. He thinks people in Genoa City could live without her for a couple of weeks. Phyllis says Summer needs her right now. Daniel says he's going to Crimson Lights to help Kevin out and then will see Summer. Phyllis says she loves him. Daniel spots Noah on his way out. He asks about New York and Noah says he has no ties. Daniel goes, and Alex appears to confront Noah about his calls to Adriana. He warns Noah to help him find her - he knows she stole half a million dollars and sent it to him. Noah chuckles nervously. Alex warns if he's lying to him, he'll take him down.

Jack wakes up on his sofa. The woman from the bar is passed out on his floor.

Chelsea and Adam kiss on their sofa. He asks where she wants to go to start over. Chelsea talks about Chloe being broke, but doesn't want to stay for her business. Adam gets a frantic call from Jack saying he needs his help and leaves. Chloe arrives and groans when Chelsea admits they're back together. She tells Chloe they're leaving Genoa City. Chloe remarks on her having to move to keep Adam from Sharon. Chelsea says they can still do the business. Chloe nixes the whole thing. "He's going to break your heart."

At Jack's place, Adam finds the woman on the floor is dead. Jack has no idea how it happened. Adam asks Jack if he gave her any pills. Jack doesn't know. Adam finds ecstasy pills in her purse and deduces she OD'd. Jack says he'll be ruined - the body has to go away. Adam tells him there's a news truck outside - he's been set up. Adam tells Jack to phone 911 with chest pains and meet the ambulance outside. He'll take care of the rest.

Avery arrives at the tackhouse and Summer tries to get rid of her. Avery implores her to talk about what's going on. Summer says it's too late. Avery prompts her to discuss the situation in vague terms. Phyllis arrives, so Avery takes off. Summer tells her mother she and Fen broke up. Phyllis tells her all about Daniel and says she was thinking of going to help them get settled. Summer urges her to go. Phyllis asks about the boy trouble. Summer says they'll talk when she returns. Phyllis lets her know she's awesome. Summer leaves Jamie a message - she wants to explain.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin and Daniel bicker about the plan to find the money. Phyllis arrives to find Daniel's left. Avery appears. Phyllis tells her about Savannah and asks her to look in on Summer. They trade a few insults until Avery gets a call that Jack's had a heart attack.

Adam gives a press conference outside Jack's house, saying business will go on at Newman and he's off to visit his friend.

At Jack's house later, Adam warns him to act like a person who had a heart attack even though they paid off the doctor to say so. He tells him he dealt with the body. Adam tells Jack she was a prostitute and Victor probably planned to have the press document her walk of shame. Adam says he saved his life and insists that Jack go to rehab. Adam will tell about the corpse call girl if he doesn't. Later, Phyllis arrives. Jack tells her he's in trouble and needs her help.

Noah gets home and finds the bag of money missing.

At home, Kevin scratches blackjack tickets. Chloe enters with the bag of money. Kevin hollers, "No, no!"

Adam arrives home and tells Chelsea that Jack had a heart attack - they can't leave town. Chelsea wants him to pick her over Newman.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Tyler asks Lily if something's bothering her.

Phyllis asks Daniel to keep something confidential.

Victoria tells Victor he's relentless, and that's not exactly a compliment.

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