At the penthouse, Nikki complains to Victor that the kids aren't joining them for New Year's because of his quest to get his company back. Victor promises he'll get back his company and the kids.

Lauren wows Michael in her red dress at home. She complains about going to Victor's instead of staying home. Michael has bad news - Jamie has to stay in the group home for now. Fen is told. He callously says it will be good for Jamie. Lauren is appalled at Fen's angry attitude and words. Fen leaves. Michael worries that Fen reminds him of Kevin. They wonder why he's so angry.

At the Abbott house, Jack pours a drink and calls out to John, who's not appearing. He downs the drink. "I'll do just fine without you."

Nick arrives at Avery's place with a new dress for her. It's a surprise where he's taking her. She changes, they kiss, and head out.

Phyllis arrives at the tackhouse to see what Summer is doing for New Year's. She has plans with Fen. Phyllis tells her Jack fired her and asks about Nick. Summer says he's out. Phyllis tells Summer to be safe and have fun before leaving. Jamie arrives. Summer asks about his black eye. He says he's leaving town and shows her another mean text. Summer hugs him. Fen arrives outside and sees. He enters, hollering at Summer and then reveals to Jamie that Summer is Britni before storming off. Jamie realizes by Summer's reaction it's true. He leaves. Summer tries to reach Phyllis.

Nick takes Avery to The Underground. She loves it. He shows her a plaque - Avery's reserved booth. They pour champagne and he mentions the Club. She's fine with being alone. They kiss at midnight.

A glum, dressed-up Chelsea arrives at the Club and sits by Alex at the bar. He buys her a drink. They discuss Genoa City. She mentions the lake she used to live beside, gets upset, and leaves. Later, Phyllis arrives as Jack orders a drink. She tells him he's addicted and lying to himself. He says she's the biggest liar he knows. Daniel arrives. Phyllis says she was just leaving. After, Jack is joined by a woman. He kisses her at midnight.

Lauren and Michael join Nikki and Victor at the penthouse. They discuss children. Michael and Lauren think Victor should forget about Newman - he seems peaceful. Victor says he belongs there. Michael says he'd be happy to leave work and spend his time with Lauren. Once alone, Nikki and Victor dance and kiss at midnight.

At home, Billy and Vikki argue over which movie to watch. She decides they'll watch her movie first and complains about Billy playing blackjack with Reed. They discuss family. Vikki talks about a special New Year's with Nikki, and then calls her. Later, Billy deals himself a blackjack hand, but hides it from Vikki. They head upstairs kissing at midnight.

Chelsea enters Adam's house. He's in a tux and says he loves her. She asks for a divorce and a big settlement. He agrees - if she gives him tonight. He tells her about his dream. They bicker about Sharon and discuss Victor. Adam wants to start over. Chelsea says only if they leave town. Adam nods. Chelsea hugs him. They make out at midnight.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel listens to Phyllis' story about Jack and then tells her he and Lucy are moving to Savannah. Phyllis protests. Daniel says Heather will be with them - it's his life. Phyllis cries. Daniel suggests she move with them. They embrace as New Year's is rung in.

Nick and Avery return to Avery's place and find Summer crying outside the door.

Back at home, Fen says cruel things to Jamie who is packing his bag. Jamie tells him to go to hell and leaves. Lauren and Michael arrive and question Fen about his plans with Summer. Michael hugs Fen. Michael and Lauren dance and kiss in the New Year.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin says to Chloe, "Stealing dirty illegal drug money?" Chloe protests, "It's not even Noah Newman's money!"

Daniel says to Noah, "You spent all that time in New York. You must have people there trying to lure you back."

At the Abbott house, Jack says urgently into the phone, "I need your help." He turns to look at something behind him.

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