At Billy and Victoria's house, Kyle listens as Vikki tries to convince Billy to take part in an intervention to help Jack. Billy agrees to try. Phyllis arrives and they tell her they need her too. Vikki advises them to say how hurt they are instead of coming down on Jack. They decide to contact someone else for help.

Avery sees Nick's poster for the opening of The Underground at her place and is excited. Nick takes a call from Victor, who demands he come to the Club. Nick tells Avery it's the last time.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle's friend sells Jack some pills. Jack says it's a one-time only thing. The young man smirks.

At the Club, Victor spots Jack and they spar verbally. Jack tells him he won't be able to count on Adam to get Newman back. Victor says he's doing a good job losing it on his own and comments on what John would think of him being a drug addict. Nick appears and Jack leaves. Nick tells Victor he'll be leading his own life now, not coming whenever he blows his whistle. Victor says he's concerned about the welfare of his grandchildren. Nick suggests he back off Sharon, and complains he likes to see people fail.

Jack arrives at home to find Kyle, Billy, Neil, and Phyllis waiting. Jack tells them if this is an intervention they're wasting their time. He tries to leave. Billy asks why he's running. Phyllis calls Jack out on the lies he's told. Neil and Billy tell him they both got help. Kyle describes how he feels, having already lost Diane. Neil pleads with Jack, "Come to a meeting." Jack hollers that he's done now - he's clean! Neil shares his own dark experiences while drinking - one of his drinking buddies robbed his apartment and attacked Lily. Jack insists he's not like that; he's not sick! Billy says he is. Jack rolls his eyes and attacks Billy, who reminds Jack how he helped him stop gambling. Billy says he needs that strong Jack. Jack orders them out and says they're all fired! Once alone, Jack takes pills and calls Adam to get over to the house.

At the tackhouse, Noah tells Alex the last time he saw Adriana was when he found her with another guy. Alex continues to grill him on whether he's talked to her lately. Sharon arrives. Alex greets 'Mrs. Newman'. Sharon asks who he is, but Noah says he's leaving. After, Sharon grills Noah, who admits Alex is a cop asking questions about a girl he knew in New York. Sharon says Alex probably see what she does - that he still cares about Adriana and would help her. Nick arrives and Sharon tells him she may become the Face of Jabot again. Nick worries it's too much. Sharon thinks she's ready. After, Nick tells Noah he doesn't want Sharon to have a setback.

Victoria runs into Avery in Crimson Lights. Avery says she's having a good time with Nick. Victoria hopes she's not with him just to stick it to Phyllis. Avery says she didn't go looking for this, and talks about how happy Nick makes her. Victoria thinks Avery's falling in love. Nick arrives and Vikki leaves. Nick tells Avery he has a surprise for her on New Year's.

Sharon meets Cane at the Club for her interview - he's filling in for Neil. They discuss her becoming the Face of Jabot again. Sharon assures him that her unsuccessful run at Newman is behind her. Cane says he'll see what he can do. After, Sharon runs into Victor and makes nice, but Victor isn't interested. She tells him she knows about his deal with Adam. Victor says Adam won't be able to protect her from arson charges - he's only interested in protecting himself.

At home, Vikki tells Billy she loves him for what he did, and deep down, Jack does too.

Kyle, Phyllis, and Neil convene at the Club to discuss Jack. Neil says Jack hasn't bottomed out yet.

At the penthouse, Victor's investigator tells him he's been unable to connect Adam to the fires. Victor has a new focus for him for now.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Tyler talks to Lily about Cane.

Katherine tells Tucker if he really wants to kiss and make up, he won't mind if Victor joins them for dinner.

Jack tells Adam, "You hadn't chosen a side yet, but you just did, didn't you?"

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