Adam and Chelsea eat fruit and kiss at home. Chelsea apologizes for the accusations she made yesterday. He understands and promises to be more emotionally available. They talk about Adam's plan to seek a job at Newman. The doorbell rings - it's Kevin and Chloe upset about Tag 'n' Grab. Kevin hollers that Adam is ignoring their calls and won't meet with them. Adam tells them he wants out. After they leave, Chelsea questions Adam about leaving them high and dry. Adam tells her it's for the best.

Sharon rocks in the cottage and shakes her head - things still aren't right. Adam checks in and she tells him the furniture isn't right and she hates everything. Adam wants her to talk to a doctor. She asks if he told Chelsea. He says he's waiting for the right moment. Sharon says it's not right, but claims she'll get professional help. Later, Sharon looks at photos of Faith, Nick, and Noah and wants a phone.

Genevieve and Ronan enter the trashed suite at the Club. Gen recounts how she came to find the room in disarray. Ronan shows her a paperweight with her fingerprints on it that may be the murder weapon, and angers her by trying to establish that the woman was tormenting her family. Gen hollers that he doesn't even know there was a murder. He says if they had a body, she'd be under arrest.

In the Club dining room, Cane and Lily discuss whether or not Genevieve murdered the woman she may or may not have hired. Neil appears to talk to Cane about Jabot. Cane realizes Jack hired him as CEO. Neil acknowledges that Cane wanted the job and offers for him to be his right hand. Cane accepts. Neil tells Lily to come by - he has a position for her too.

Phyllis arrives at the hospital to pick-up Jack. The doctor tells him the news isn't good. He learns that the bullet has to come out - if it continues to move he could wind up paralyzed or even die. He suggests immediate surgery.

At the Abbott house, Phyllis argues heatedly with Jack, who is considering putting off surgery because of Newman Enterprises. He gives in and promises to schedule it. She holds out the phone.

At Jabot, Neil tells Cane and Lily his plans for her to head up a guerrilla marketing team. Lily is stunned to hear that her first meeting is in 15 minutes. She exits, and Cane tells Neil that it's good - she was ready to return to work. They set boundaries for working together. Neil tells Cane he has a sketchy background, but he knows he'd do anything for his wife and kids. Later, Lily tells Cane her meeting went well, but she's worried about them working together. He assures her they'll be fine. Gen bursts in asking for help. She insists she's being framed. Cane tells her she's on her own.

Jack and Phyllis talk business at the Club. She assures him that she and Billy will look after Newman while he undergoes surgery. Jack talks about possibly merging Jabot and Newman's cosmetics line. Jack sees Adam enter and goes to ask why he wanted to meet. Jack asks about the miscarriage, and says he's been through it. Adam says he's done with Tag 'n' Grab and wants to work at Newman. Jack worries he can't trust him. Adam makes his pitch. Phyllis eavesdrops as Adam asks Jack to make him CFO.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin asks Chloe where they're supposed to find someone with $15 million to buy Adam out. Chelsea appears. She tells them she thinks Adam is taking their loss harder than it appears. After, Kevin rants about his regret over going into business with Adam and about things getting ripped away from him. Kevin decides he'll find the money whatever it takes. Inside, Harmony congratulates Neil on his new position. She then tells him she's leaving Genoa City - Ana is having trouble at school and needs her mother. Harmony tears up as they say goodbye.

Neil returns to Jabot to find Gen crying and begging Cane. Cane tells her it's taken her years to gain Neil and Lily's trust back - he won't jeopardize it again. "Please leave."

Sharon sneaks into Adam's house to phone Noah. She leaves a message that she's away. The door opens...

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Ronan asks Phyllis if she took the job at Newman because of Nick.

Nick says to Adam (standing beside Jack), "You sold him your Newman shares in exchange for a top-level gig. Is that how this went down?"

Kevin tells Eden he should never have gone into business with Adam Newman.

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