Daniel tries to cheer up Phyllis on the coffee house patio. Heather enters, looks at them, and walks inside. Phyllis realizes that Daniel has been seeing her. Inside, Kevin lets Heather know about his security cameras. Heather tries to make an excuse for her and Daniel going into the washroom together. Phyllis rants at Daniel on the patio while Chloe sneaks past. Daniel denies dating Heather, and Phyllis takes off for a massage. Chloe confronts Daniel about lying, and threatens to cut his ponytail off if he won't come clean. He admits he likes Heather and tells Chloe she just dislikes her for being with Chance. He swears her to secrecy. Chloe comments about him and redheads. Daniel says she can't even tell Kevin. Inside, Kevin warns Heather that Daniel has baggage, but she counters that he's a good guy and is a great dad. Kevin gives his blessing. Heather swears him to secrecy because she's prosecuting Phyllis. Kevin defends Phyllis, but agrees to keep quiet. Later, Chloe and Kevin make small talk but both break. They tell Daniel and Heather they suck at secrets. The four sit on the patio and Daniel refers to their 'code of silence' - he thinks Kevin and Chloe can help them get alone time. They're in.

In Ricky's suite, Eden, under hypnosis, tells the doctor that Ricky caught her trying to leave, but is being really nice. Ronan is there listening now. The doctor asks what Ricky did with Daisy's wallet and phone, but she only says Ricky says it's a great night. They bring her out of it, and reassure her when she's upset over not helping Paul. When Ronan and Michael are alone, they can't figure out how to make Ricky look homicidal after Eden said he was being nice.

At the Club, Nina joins Paul, Christine, Lauren and Danny as they await news on Eden's hypnosis session. Paul worries about Eden and steps out for a walk. Nina says it's agony seeing him this way. Lauren and Nina go to the bar and run into Avery, who fills them in on Eden's hypnosis. Nina complains that Ricky's torturing Paul from beyond the grave. Chris tells Danny that Paul doesn't deserve any of this. Phyllis arrives on the way to her massage and gets Danny alone for a talk. They bicker about Christine and the hit-and-run. Danny goads Phyllis into admitting that she saw him kissing Christine. Christine hears. She rants that Phyllis then rented a car to try and kill her! Phyllis scoffs at her theory. As she and Chris argue, Ronan appears, and Lauren pulls Phyllis away.

Outside on his walk, Paul notices the police tape where Ricky fell to his death. He flashes back to the shooting, cries, and sits down on the ground. Suddenly, he spots something in the sewer. He rushes inside and tells Ronan he found the knife! They head back out with Avery and Michael and Ronan retrieves it. Paul and Avery hug.

Eden tells Kyle, at Jimmy's, that she came up with nothing to help Paul. Kyle thinks there's a reason her brain won't recall. They talk about wishing. He advises her to wish for something that can happen - like remembering. When Eden hears a noise, she remembers Paul telling Ricky, "This ends here, Ricky."

Still in the Club, Phyllis vents to Lauren, who reminds her she's the D.A.'s wife. Meanwhile, Chris complains to Nina and Danny that the kiss was motive. Chris blurts to Nina about Ronan's affair with Phyllis. Nina confronts her. Later, Christine joins Danny in his suite. She's shaken over reliving the hit-and-run. Danny gets crazy seeing her upset. They make out.

At the station, Paul is stunned when Ronan tells him the knife was wiped free of prints. He wonders how it's possible.

At the scene of Ricky's death, a shadow passes by the sewer.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

In bed, Christine tells Danny she 'can't' unless she knows this means the same thing to him that it does to her.

Kyle say to Eden, "What if, his shooting Ricky didn't go down the way you want to think it did?"

Phyllis rants at Nina, "You drove his own father to fake his own death, and then the other one hardly..." Nina smacks her.

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