At home, Chelsea and Adam discuss his undead dad. She compares how messed up their families are, but she's happy that their baby will have another grandparent.

Victor kisses Nikki awake in bed. She sighs and they snog. They head downstairs and she wonders why Sharon didn't redecorate the joint. "What's next for us?" she asks. She doesn't want to waste more time. He tells her everyone makes mistakes and he's sorry for the pain he caused. Nikki recaps what happened with Sharon and how his kids protected the company. He wants to repay his daughter. Later, Adam shows up. Victor's gone. Nikki offers to take a message. He walks out instead, just as Nick arrives. He tells his mom Sharon is still at the ranch.

At Billy's, Kevin tells him to suck it up and tell his wife what he knew. Vikki overhears and prods. Billy avoids explaining. She bustles off. Kev tells him he's an idiot and leaves. Victor calls his daughter and asks to meet. Billy anxiously wants to tell her something but the baby starts crying. Moments later, the mustache arrives. Vikki comes down with the baby and says they should all make peace. Billy is antsy. Victor thanks his daughter for being so loyal and asks her to stay at the company. She needs to think about it but she's glad he's back. After Vikki and the kids go upstairs, Billy wonders what Victor's plan is. Victor changed his opinion of him after what happened in LA. He just wants to keep his daughter happy now. After he leaves, Billy cuddles with his wife and tells her he's okay with her working at Newman if it makes her happy.

Sharon's surprised when her mom shows up at her door and tells her to pack her bags. Sharon says 'no' so her mom tells her she doesn't fit in there. Doris wonders why she isn't sick of hurting the Newmans. They bicker about it. Doris takes the blame for her daughter being so warped. Sharon won't let Victor and the others screw her over again. "I want to make them pay," she declares. Her mom leaves her a key to her place in case she changes her mind. Soon, Nikki arrives. She suggests that Sharon find somewhere far away to live and offers to pay her off. Sharon can't be bought. "Since when?" asks Nikki. Sharon warns that Victor is in store for a surprise.

Nikki heads back to her house in a rage. Victor is home already. He opens the mail and discovers that Sharon is suing him for abandonment. Furious, he calls Michael to launch a case against Sharon.

At the club, Michael reminds his wife that Sheila is dead. He gets a call about the handwriting. Paul arrives just in time to hear the results are inconclusive. Lauren is still creeped out. Michael has to run. Paul gets a text that the doc is back at Fairview.

Genevieve corners Tucker and the club and wonders where her latest payment is. He says she betrayed him. Jack strolls by and snipes at them. She's impressed he can walk again. Jack sends her away and asks Tucker to sell him back Beauty of Nature. They bicker about it and Jack threatens to call the SEC. Tucker still refuses. Gen eavesdrops and her eyes dart around. Later, Nick arrives to see Tucker. He wants Beauty of Nature. Tucker has a drink and says that is never going to happen.

Genevieve shows up at the Abbott house and offers to help Jack get Beauty of Nature back.

Michael and Kev meet at Crimson Lights. The lawyer fills him in about Daisy disappearing and offers his speculation on what happened.

At Fairview, Paul and Lauren arrive to ask Dr. Laurents about the woman who picked up Daisy. He can't ID the pictures of Sheila or Phyllis. Michael and Kev arrive with an order for the security footage. Lauren repeats to herself that it can't have been Sheila. The footage arrives and they watch it as Paul goes down the hall to talk to Patty. She asks her stuffed cat who helped Daisy leave. That doesn't pan out. Patty tells the cat that everyone will see she's not crazy. When Paul returns to the others, Lauren is freaking out, sure that it is Sheila in the video.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

The cops go looking for Sharon.

"Your word against mine? I like those odds," Tucker tells Jack and Genevieve.

"How did you and I ever get so far off course?" Victor asks Nikki.

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